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I think it looks really good but I'm also pretty confident that this could run on a ps4 with a few settings dialled down.

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really looking forward to playing this, heard good things.

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@JEECE pretty sure there aren't 40 million people playing regularly on their 360's still lol. Also there's a huge difference between the xbox one and 360 being the lowest denominator. I would still prefer them to make one or two games exclusive but it's really not that much of a big deal imo.

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I'm certainly no fanboy, I also have a ps4 pro but I plan on getting the series x day one. Surely Microsofts plan is good news for me as some of my friends wont upgrade day one but now I can still play games like halo infinite with them. I also have two friends who picked up an xbox one x just before Christmas and they are extremely happy that they can still play those launch games without upgrading again so soon.
Serious question, do you think games like halo ...

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That's a very good point. I'm assuming games like halo infinite will take advantage of the series x but still come on the same disc. If I want to play ghosts of tsushima on ps5 will it have to be a definitive new release to take full advantage of the ps5 or will it work with the ps4 disc and just have increased resolution?

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"Even if SX is close to high end PC gaming, it will be no time before it falls down to mid-grade"

But with the series x making exclusive games in a few years will they be as good or better than pc seeing as how pc games are always held back by weaker hardware?

I totally agree with you on Microsoft pushing gamepass, they aren't bothered which console you buy as long as you buy into their services.

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I definitely wouldn't call what sony is planning anti consumer it's just the same approach that we have always had with a new generation and there's nothing wrong with that, but I would call what Microsoft is doing pro consumer because their fanbase will benefit hugely from it.

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So you think the best thing Microsoft can do for it's fanbase is to make people pay $500 if they want to play halo infinite. I would make the argument that the best thing they could do for people who want to play halo infinite is let then play it for $10 instead, not sure if it's just me being crazy but having the option to pay $10 instead of $500 seems like a positive move for gamers.

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Let me get this right, you think Microsoft is paying all these websites to put a positive spin on their approach to series x like some grand conspiracy LOL
This site might as well start approving flat earth videos.
What's not to agree with? If halo infinite didn't release on xbox one but only series x and pc millions of people would be missing out on it and I wouldn't be able to play with my friends on xbox one. I'm still going to get the same experience on s...

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I'll be getting xbox series x day one for the ray tracing, no load times, better frame rates and all the premium graphical options.

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I think it's pretty obvious now that microsofts main focus is getting people subscribed to gamepass. Which is fine with me as long as they release quality AAA games.

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I'm more hyped for obsidians next game than starfield or es5

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the fun for me was just seeing what everyone had in the works but all at the same time, like Christmas . I wish sony would still have an e3 conference

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Why can't they just do their own show but at E3 time , I would prefer that.

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I would still prefer sony to be at e3 but I remember when sony won e3 2015 with Shenmue and ff7 remake, turns out neither are even exclusive lol

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I would prefer it if everyone held an event at E3 time. As a big gamer it's the time of year I look forward to the most so obviously the more games I get to see the better. All the people saying it's been dying for years or playstation is E3 are obviously just fans who have no interest in anything other than playstation.

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Even if they stopped supporting xbox one they would still have to scale down for low end pc's so they might as well release on xbox one.
If people think it will effect the quality of the games lets just wait till games like halo infinite and hellblade 2 perform on the series x first.

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I think Asobo Studio would be a perfect fit for Microsoft. A relatively small studio with clear talent that could grow into something truly special.

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The way I see it all Microsoft games will have to be scaled down for low end PC's so they might as well release them on xbox one. Games like Halo and Forza would also benefit from a larger audience.

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ori and the will of the wisps, tlou2, cyberpunk 2077 and halo infinite are the games I'm most hyped for but there's so many. 2020 could turn out to be one of the best years ever for gaming

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