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art style and world look incredible but we didn't see the characters do anything so who knows what the gameplay will be like.

I remember getting really excited when I first saw sea of thieves and we all know how that turned out.
fingers crossed this is good though

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there's an outside chance they could tease halo infinite multiplayer as bonnie ross said after the last halo they will always start testing the multiplayer about a year before release. Seeing as how this is the last big event before E3 next year they might announce a beta for Christmas.

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wastlelands 3, psychonauts 2, halo reach on mcc, ori and the will of the wisps, minecraft dungeons, gears tactics, bleeding edge, battletoads, possible new games from rare, obsidian and ninja theory, possible new studio acquisition.

I just want to see more news on the last night, the artful escape of francis vendetta and the next game from playdead

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yep I've heard they're working on another rpg and its a bigger team than outer worlds so could be something epic.

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Just saying the words 'game pass' triggers a few people on here, it's very strange lol

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think the sequel will be longer than 2021, apparently they are currently working on another rpg that's bigger than the outer worlds.

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agree, i play a lot of videogames and the only games i have had to buy this year are res evil 2 remake and sekiro. played monster hunter world, metro exodus, dmc5, bloodstained rotn, gears 5 all on gamepass plus the outer worlds very soon. im still waiting for hitman 2 to get added

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I never would have even considered bloodstained rotn if not for gamepass. been playing all week and it's probably my second fav game this year behind sekiro

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shame they're hard to get in the uk and much more expensive

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I'm still not sure about it so will play on gamepass

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not sure what everyone else has paid but I've got gamepass till 2021 and it's costing me £2 a month. So gamepass definitely a win for me. Sekiro is the only game I've had to buy on xbox this year

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I have a ps4 pro and xbox one x if a game is released on both consoles I get the best performing which in this case is xbox one x. It's not rocket science and it's no reason for people to get offended. To be fair I'm still not 100% sold on this so will most likely just play it on gamepass.

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is this also available on xbox?

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I definitely think its a big improvement on gears of war 4. beautiful graphics, great multiplayer and plenty of content but for me the campaign went down hill fast after act 2. Really enjoyed the first part of the game it was really atmospheric, had a few new gameplay mechanics and even though I knew the obvious story line it was still pretty interesting then act 3 and beyond just felt like shooting wave after wave of enemies with zero story and to add to that I had a game breaking bug with t...

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I honestly cant keep up with the games I want to play in game pass. just downloaded dirt 2 and bloodstained and i'm definitely going to try dishonoured 2 and yooka laylee and the outer worlds

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ballad of gay tony was amazing dlc though

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looks exactly the same as the trash we saw a while ago. The only thing that will get me excited for this is if there's plenty of gameplay variety in the levels

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anybody know what happened to the last night and the artful escape of francis vendetta.

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i hope they show more of psychonauts 2 and wastleands 3

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with games like monster hunter world, dmc5 and metro exodus and obviously any microsoft studio game going into game pass this year i've basically decided to only get games on release day if it's something super special. the last of us 2 and cyperpunk are the only two games i plan on getting day one

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