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If anybody is looking for an entry point into gaming this is the way to do it. With gamepass that's a whole lot of content for a very small price

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For something so rare I'm surprised it's not more.

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only game I got at full price in the last 18 months was sekiro. Most the games I want to play end up on gamepass at some point and if it's looking like a game I want isn't going on gamepass I just get it in a sale with my rewards points

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I imagine it's simply to let people know the game is in a playable state without actually revealing what the game is. It's clearly worked because people are talking about it and what it could be.

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I would rather have a perfect dark rebooted to a 3rd person action stealth game similar to splinter cell

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Phils tweet and things he has said in the past point towards a re-imagining of an old ip.
Rand did a good video on it.

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looking forward to finding out more later this year

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I felt exactly the same, followed it's development for years but was disappointed in the end. Hopefully others find more to like in it.

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I thought sunset overdrive and ryse were really good games. quantum break was meh. recore has huge potential if they make a sequel with a bigger budget.

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They probably want more money to finish some other games they're working on lol.
Seriously though everyone should just leave that ip alone, it's tainted now.

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my hype has just increased even more after watching this

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Hope it's true I loved sunset overdrive.

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It's not written in stone that all games made by Sony owned studios can't appear on xbox but it's extremely unlikely.

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@The Wood
Totally agree, I'm holding off on control for example because I'm pretty confident it will end up in gamepass at some point but a game like star wars I'm not so sure, so i will probably get that in the next sale.
I'm not sure about everyone else but it has changed the way I look at game releases. I only buy games now on day one if I'm super hyped for it like sekiro.

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but they aren't selling games for $5. If people stay signed up the majority will be paying $120 a year, which is great value for the consumer and plenty of money for Microsoft to produce great games. I've been enjoying gamepass over the last few years with hardly any Microsoft game studio games going in so I can't imagine how good it's going to be in a few years

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It's not really surprising, gamepass is incredible value for money. I'm sure many more people will join when will of the wisps and halo infinite drop in day one

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since signing up to gamepass over a year ago I have only bought sekiro and re2. All other games I have played through the service like horizon 4, doom, prey, mkx, dmc5, metro exodus, bloodstained, celeste, the outer worlds, gears 5, a plague tale, the outer wilds and it's only going to get better.

p.s if you haven't played a plague tale yet do yourself a favour and check it out, incredible game.

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exactly, I thought the xbox one and ps4 would hold next gen games back lol

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it really was unique and full of atmosphere. I would love a sequel

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