XDefiant What is Recoil Recovery

Sceen shot during a firefight in XDefiant

XDefiant offers players the option to customize and improve the weapons they use, and among the stats that can be adjusted is Recoil Recovery. So if you are wondering what Recoil Recovery is and how it impacts gameplay, we got you covered.

Ubisoft’s newest shooter has captured the FPS community by storm, with its different factions and an arsenal of guns at the player’s disposal. Among all the things the game offers players is a system of upgrading weapons. Using this you can improve all sorts of statistics on your favorite gun, to make it even better and to your liking. Continue reading and we will explain all about Recoil Recovery and the influence it has on gameplay. 

What is Recoil Recovery in XDefiant? 

Every weapon in XDefiant has a recoil pattern, which is most noticeable when holding the Fire button. Shooting constantly, players will notice that their weapon is moving up and to one side. This is due to the weapon’s recoil pattern, and once players stop shooting, the gun will return to its original position.    

Recoil Recovery represents the time it takes for a gun to return to its original point of aim. The shorter this time is, the faster the gun will adjust, and return to its starting point. Moreover, as with all the parameters in XDefinat, weapon attachments can be used to improve the Recoil Recovery rate.   

Screenshot during a match in XDefiant
Image via N4G Unlocked

Is Recoil Recovery Important in XDefiant?

Sadly, Recoil Recovery is not that important in the game, and it is better to focus on other stats. Improving this stat in XDefiant can be useful for semi-auto or burst fire. However, as the game is currently set with an emphasis on speed and fast engagements, players won’t even notice the difference Recoil Recovery makes. Moreover, every fight ends quickly, and players must continue moving as soon as possible to stay alive. This run-shot-run style of play does not allow stats like Recoil Recovery to be used as intended.


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