XDefiant Best Marksman Rifle Loadouts

Screenshot of a firefight in XDefiant

The Best Loadouts can make a quite unremarkable gun into a great weapon, and this is especially the case with the Marksman Rifle in XDefiant. Unlocking attachments and customizing the weapons you are using is a big part of Ubisoft’s new shooter. Although, there are only two Marksman Rifles in the game and both offer a good transition between Assault Rifles and Snipers. So let’s see what are the best Marksman Rifle Loadouts in XDefiant.   

Best Marksman Rifle Loadouts in XDefiant 

Marksman Rifles fall into the category of more lethal guns in XDefiant. They have tremendous damage potential if players can land headshots consistently. However, they are semi-automatic rifles with smaller magazines and slightly slower mobility, which require some skill to be used properly. However, with the right attachments and good aim, they can become quite deadly tools.       


Muzzle: Barrel Extender

Barrel: Rapid Fire

Front Rail: Vertical Grip

Optics: Reflex Sight

Rear Grip: Lightweight Grip

MK 20 SSR is among the best guns currently in XDefiant. This gun has great damage and accuracy on its own, and the speed it offers is unique to Marksman Rifles. Since MK 20 SSR is a single-shot weapon, improving on its fire rate is our primary goal. Taking a Rapid Fire Barrel gives this rifle a needed boost to fire rate and combining it with Barrel Extender Muzzle will give you more damage at close and medium ranges. 

Following this, taking the Vertical and Lightweight Grips will improve gun recoil, ADS, and walking speed, which are all great improvements. Rounding this loadout is Reflex Sight Optics which gives a great aim-down-sight option for those close-range fights.   

Screenshot before the match starts in XDefiant
Image via N4G Unlocked


Muzzle: Muzzle Brake

Barrel: Rapid Fire

Front Rail: Angled Grip

Rear Grip: Heavy Grip

Stock: Padded Stock

Out of the gate, the SVD Marksman Rifle comes with insane recoil, which is a big problem. Luckily this can be fixed using attachments. It just takes a lot of them. A Muzzle Brake, Angled Grip, Heavy Grip, and Padded Stock are all needed to fix SVD’s recoil control. That will ensure greater precision and make it easier to land hits. Furthermore, attaching the Rapid Fire Barrel will give players a greater fire rate, which is extremely useful in XDefiant’s chaotic and fast gameplay.


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