Does XDefiant Have a Team Deathmatch Mode?

Image of characters protecting an objective in XDefiant

Even before the release of XDefiant, players have been wondering if the game would have a Team Deathmatch mode. Considering that the game has been compared to Call of Duty since it was announced, the question about Team Deathmatch is no surprise. Call of Duty has popularised Team Deathmatch mode and basically made it a staple that every FPS game should have. Although it seems like this makes the inclusion of this mode mandatory, sometimes the games go in other directions.

Ubisoft’s newest 6v6 arena shooter brings factions from across its IPs, like Ghost Recon Echelon and Far Cry’s Libertad. Moreover, all agents have at their disposal an arsenal of customizable guns that they will use to battle their opponents on maps inspired by Ubisoft games. However, picking a game mode that you will participate in is mandatory before playing. So let’s see if Team Deathmatch mode is among the playable game modes in XDefiant. 

Screenshot during a match of XDefiant
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Is There a Team Deathmatch Mode in XDefiant?

Sadly, No, Team Deathmatch mode is currently not on the list of playable modes in XDefiant. This is a bit surprising considering that the game has all the classic FPS modes like Domination and Escort. Developers at Ubisoft have decided to focus more on objective-based modes, which exclude more traditional modes like Team Deathmatch.

Although currently missing Team Deathmatch is a big part of FPS games, we would not be surprised if it was added to the game at a future date. The game’s first-year roadmap promises to add a great deal of content, and Team Deathmatch might be part of this. Hopefully, we will get this mode soon so we can enjoy it with all the unique mechanics XDefiant has to offer.

For now, the closest thing in XDefiant to this kind of mode is the HotShot game mode. It resembles a Team Deathmatch but focuses more on the objectives. This mode focuses on players collecting bounties after each kill, with the player who has the most bounties receiving a power boost.  


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