XDefiant How to Get Free Weapon Skins

Screenshot during a match in XDefiant

Since the release of XDefiant the game had a few opportunities for players to grab free weapon skins. With the upcoming release of Season 1, such an opportunity is upon us once again. XDefiant combined multiple factions from various Ubisoft games to bring us fast and explosive gameplay. To survive and thrive in this environment, players use one of the many guns the game has to offer. Moreover, every weapon in the game can be customized to better fit your playstyle. These guns can look even better with skins applied, so let’s take a look at how to get some free weapon skins.  

How to Get Free ERUPTION Weapon Skins in XDefiant

With the release date announcement for Season 1 of XDefiant, Ubisoft previewed different features that will be included. On top of that, developers surprised players with 3 free ERUPTION weapon skins that are rewarded for simply playing the game. However, the time is limited to only 48 hours, which started on June 10, 2024. So if you are looking to grab some free skins, you will have to hurry, as this promotion only lasts for two days.  

Image of ERUPTION skins in XDefiant
Image via Ubisoft

The three skins included in the free ERUPTION skins are for sniper rifle M44, assault rifle M16A4, and shotgun M870. After playing a few matches during the limited time, free skins will be added to the player’s loadouts. Every skin is added to their specific weapons attachments tab and can be equipped per usual.

Is There a Way to Get More Free Weapon Skins in XDefiant?

Yes, currently there is a way to get more free weapon skins in XDefiant. Players can use the Twitch Drop event to get more free skins in the game. This event will last until the start of Season 1 and is a good way of getting free skins for only watching the game. All the information you will need to claim Twitch Drop Rewards can be found in our guide.  


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