Ban-Hammer Hits Dubious Players in The Finals, and the Community Noticed

Screenshot during a match in The Finals

In the last patch for The Finals, developers Embark Studios mentioned that they have made changes to the game’s security. This was an overlooked paragraph in a fairly small update for the game, with nothing big or concrete behind it. It simply stated that they added detections for cheating tools that would lead to suspensions from the game. Players did not pay much attention to this, but we might have been mistaken. It looks like players who are cheating in The Finals, have a ban in their future.

Ban Wave is Hitting The Finals Players

Cheating is nothing new in online multiplayer games, it is a problem as old as online gaming. Sadly, even in a game like The Finals where players can use gadgets to detect enemies through walls, some players feel the need to cheat.

Luckily, as noticed by Reddit user Annalog in their post, cheaters are being kicked out during matches in The Finals over the last couple of days: “ Weird last couple days. After months of seeing cheaters in ranked it seems as though the increase of detection from the last patch notes actually did something.”

This was positively received by The Finals community, which quickly praised the developers. On the other hand, there are Reddit users who disagree with this, like lightningINF who had this to say: “It’s like praising anti-cheat for banning a dude standing in the middle of a map and spinbotting and killing everyone from that spot. It’s not an achievement. It should be the bare minimum.“ 

More problems in The Finals need to be addressed 

Although kicking players who are using cheats is good, there are still more problems in the game. As Reddit user tin_foil_hat_x noticed: “Pretty sure people are still bypassing RWASD and similar programs for scripts. Actually, I’d say I’m positive there is an undetected bypass for them because people’s aim and recoil in the games I’ve been playing all week have been absurd.” 

Every step towards a cheater-free gaming experience is a good one. Sadly this cannot be fixed quickly and it takes time. Reddit user rendar explained this nicely: “For those frustrated about cheaters, just have patience and research the reality of the cheating/anticheating dichotomy. It’s never a one-and-done application, it’s always an ongoing escalating contention. You can’t control cheaters but you can control your reaction to them.”

It is great to see Embark Studios taking steps to make The Finals a better gaming experience. Hopefully, they will keep up the good job and will be able to enjoy the game in a more cheater-free environment.

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