How to fix Error Code tfav1012 in The Finals

Screenshot during a match in The Finals

If you are looking for a way to fix Error Code tfav1012 in The Finals, we can help. Although encountering any error code can ruin your gaming session, there are ways to fix these problems. Stick with us and we will go over how you can fix Error Code tfav1012 in The Finals and return to gaming as soon as possible.   

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Solution for The Finals Error Code tfav1012

Error Code tfav1012 is a System Integrity Violation error and is usually caused by hardware changes. Adding or replacing the hardware on your PC can cause the game’s anti-cheat to trigger this message. This can be caused by adding new RAM, replacing the GPU, or some other part of your hardware.

The solution for this is to rename or remove the configuration folder for The Finals. Because you can delete these folders and still get the resulting error, it’s better to rename them in case you need them in the future. The folders in question are the Embark and Discovery folders on your System Drive. Use the following location string to find them and replace <user> with your Windows profile name:

  • User/<user>/AppData/Local/Embark
  • User/<user>/AppData/Local/Discovery

Renaming these folders will make the game create new configuration folders the next time you launch The Finals. Bear in mind that launching the game after renaming those folders might take a little longer than usual. The new folders will be created using your current hardware configuration and should resolve the Error Code tfav1012. 

Keep in mind that all of your in-game settings will be lost once you do this. So make sure to note all your settings before, so that you can recreate them once the game creates new folders. Once the game starts, go into Settings and readjust them to your liking before playing. Also, before you do this process make sure that all your hardware drivers are up to date. This will help to prevent any similar errors in the future. 

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