Can you play Skull and Bones solo?

Skull and Bones screenshot of the first mission and a broken ship

Skull and Bones is a pirate sandbox game from Ubisoft, but can you play the game solo? After numerous delays, Skull and Bones finally arrived, and many players jumped at the opportunity to take to the high seas. The game is set during the golden age of piracy, where you can make your claim to fame alongside your friends. 

The game is meant to be played in multiplayer with friends and other players. The promise of treasure and adventure is a call that many seek after all. So gathering a crew or a flotilla of ships might be a good way to achieve pirate infamy. Taking the high seas alongside friends sounds like a fun time, but sometimes you just want to be alone. Let’s take a look if Skull and Bones can be played solo. 

Skull and Bones – Standard Edition, Xbox Series X
  • Engage in thrilling naval battles and equip a multitude of powerful weapons as you risk it all for the biggest loot.
  • Sail the lawless seas solo, or team up with two friends or other players to partake in shareable contracts and rewards.
  • Face cutthroat pirate hunters, deadly sea monsters, unpredictable weather, dangerous rogue waves, supernatural threats, and more as you explore a vast open world.
  • Craft and sail up to 10 different ships at launch, each with unique perks to match your own personal playstyle.
  • Grow your infamy and unlock resources and opportunities to get riskier contracts and upgrade your equipment.

Can you play Skull and Bones as a single-player solo game?

Fortunately, yes you can play Skull and Bones solo – sort of. Although the game takes place in an online world that is filled with other players, it can be played as a single-player game. Everything that the game offers, from exploring the seas to naval combat and various missions can be done solo. 

The World is huge and it might be more fun to play with others, but if you wish you can tame the seas alone. Additionally, some activities might be easier if played alongside others. Sadly at this time, there is no single-player campaign or a linear story that you can follow in the game. This might change in the future, but for now, if you want to create a unique experience alone, you’ll just have to ignore other crews and players. 

Being a virtual sandbox game, Skull and Bones allows you to create your own pirate story. Additionally, if you want to know more about the game check out our other articles on Is Skull and Bones Premium Edition Worth It, Can you play Skull and Bones on Nintendo Switch, and Can you Play Skull and Bones on PlayStation.


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