Is No Rest for the Wicked on Game Pass?

An old man holds a crow under the moon in No Rest for the Wicked

As we nearly the Early Access release date for No Rest for the Wicked, can we expect the game to arrive on Xbox and PC Game Pass? Here’s what we know ahead of launch.

Developed by Moon Studios and published by Private Division, No Rest for the Wicked is an upcoming action-adventure RPG set to “reinvent the genre.” The game is planned to enter Early Access on April 18, as outlined on its official Steam page. With that being said, there’s no demo in sight and remaining launch details have been kept under wraps. This has left eager players wondering: Is the game coming to Xbox or PC Game Pass? Let’s break down what we know so far to answer this pressing question as we near the release date this month.

Is No Rest for the Wicked Coming to Xbox Game Pass?

There’s currently no indication that No Rest for the Wicked will be available to play through Xbox Game Pass in the future. The game is set to enter Early Access exclusively on PC via Steam this month.

However, Moon Studios and Private Division have confirmed that it will be made playable on Xbox Series X|S and PS5 consoles down the line. We’ve yet to receive an official release date for the extension, but we can expect the news to arrive soon as we near the game’s Early Access launch.

Is No Rest for the Wicked on PC Game Pass?

Similarly, there’s no news yet regarding No Rest for the Wicked’s potential availability on PC Game Pass. The action-adventure game is set to launch on Steam on April 18, lending players just two weeks left to wishlist the game. For now, it looks like the game will be exclusive to the popular online gaming platform. We’ll provide updates and more details as they’re announced by developers.

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