How to get Double XP tokens in MW2 (Modern Warfare 2)

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been out for a while now, but the demand for double XP tokens hasn’t let up.

For those new to the game, XP or ‘Experience Points’ are earned while you play – usually when you rack up kills or win a match.

There are two types of XP in Modern Warfare 2, weapon XP and overall XP – we’ll go into the differences later on.

When the game launched, there were a number of promos that gave Modern Warfare 2 fans a chance to rack up some easy Double XP. While a majority of those are now finished (we have highlighted the one still live), there are still a couple of quick ways to get tokens.

MW2 Double XP tokens do exactly what they say on the tin – give you twice as many experience points, which ultimately allows you to level faster and unlock more attachments, weapons and more.

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Tokens range in timings – with some double XP tokens lasting 30 minutes and others expiring after a couple of hours once activated. Once you use a token, a timer starts, which does not stop if the console or game is switched off, so you need to plan your gaming session carefully.

Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about getting double XP tokens in Modern Warfare 2 – from picking up promotional codes and completing the campaign, to quick hacks and easy ways to grind out weapon XP fast. Let’s kick off.

How to get double XP tokens in Modern Warfare 2

There are a number of ways to get Double XP tokens in Modern Warfare 2, which we break down here. Weapon XP tokens just give you XP for your specific weapon, while there’s also a more general token that just affects your rank and level. Acquiring Double XP tokens can be done the following ways:

  • Complete the campaign
  • Buy the battle pass
  • Participate in promotional campaigns
  • Buy the Endowment Bundle from the store
  • DMZ Faction missions
  • Take part in Double XP weekends

Complete the single-player campaign

There are seven missions in the single-player campaign that reward you with Double XP tokens. A total of seven MW2 double XP tokens are up for grabs in the following missions:

  • Wet Work
  • Tradecraft
  • Close Air
  • Hardpoint
  • El Sin Nombre
  • Dark Water
  • Hindsight

It does not matter what difficulty you complete these missions on, so if you’re after a quick win, put the campaign on the easiest setting and sprint through.

Purchase the Endowment Bundle from the in-game store

Buying the Endowment Bundle from the in-game store for 1 double XP token and 1 double weapon XP token, both lasting for one hour. You’ll also get the following rewards as well as supporting a good cause :

  • “The Protector” Operator Skin for Hutch
  • “The Protector’s Companion” Rifle Blueprint
  • “Duty Calls” Sniper Rifle Blueprint
  • “Frontline Stripes” Vehicle Skin
  • “Tagged” Weapon Charm
  • “Ready for Anything” Animated Calling Card
  • “Mermen” Calling Card
  • “Seeing Double” Static Animated Emblem

It’s worth noting that the offer ends once $4 million USD have been raised for the cause.

Buy the Battle Pass

Purchasing and progressing through the Season 2 Battle Pass not only gives players new weapons skins and operators but also gives a chance for Double XP tokens, depending on your choices.

Some of the zones won’t have any tokens but others will have 30 minute or 15 minutes tokens.

Participate in Promos

Right Now, Mountain Dew is running a promotion that runs until March 28, 2023. The energy drink brand has teamed up with Call of Duty to offer fans Double XP & Double Weapon XP bonuses – as well as the chance to earn COD Points – in Modern Warfare 2.

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All you need to do is register on the official Mountain Dew Gaming website and then link your Call of Duty account to your Mountain Dew account to redeem your codes.

The promotion runs until March 28 2023 – so there’s still plenty of time.

DMZ faction missions

A challenging but fun way of getting double XP tokens is via Warzone 2’s DMZ mode. Here, you’ll want to accept Faction Missions – where you need to complete objectives. Some Double XP tokens are up for grabs, for example, the Make Contact mission, which sees you find a phone on a map will get you a 30 minute Double XP Token.

Double XP weekend

Although not strictly tokens, it’s worth highlighting that there are often double XP weekends in Modern Warfare 2. There is speculation the next double XP weekend in Modern Warfare 2 will happen in early March, so hopefully you won’t be waiting long. XP earned across double XP weekends affects everything – so you’ll see boosts in both weapon and overall XP.

Here, you’ll have 48 hours to grind out as much XP as possible. Happy hunting.

MW2 double XP token FAQ

How do you turn on double XP in MW2?

Simply head over to the bottom right of the multiplayer menu and select the XPP box. Here you’ll see all the XP tokens you have. Simply hover over, click the one you want to use, and it’ll kick off the timer.

How long does double XP token last in MW2?

The Double XP tokens in MW2 vary – from 15 minutes to one hour. Once you activate them, the timer does not stop regardless of if you turn off your console or exit the game.

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