MW2 fans confused after Infinity Ward adds ‘crosshairs’ to Hardcore mode

An image of a Call of Duty MW2 holding a weapon. The image highlights the crosshair in the center.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 fans are not happy with crosshairs being added to the game’s Hardcore mode. Billed as the ultimate in realism, Hardcore Mode removes all of the HUD and massively increases damage taken from shots and explosives.

The mode is designed to test the most skilled MW2 operatives, which is why the crosshair isn’t going down too well.

There are thoughts that Infinity Ward added crosshairs to level the playing field, as some gamers may be using some sort of overlay.

One gamer said on Reddit: “Nowadays many people have monitors that provide a crosshair which will give an advantage against those who don’t have that type of equipment. This levels the playing field.”

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A few users make a very good point about why this may be. Infinity Ward could have added a reticle to aid players with motion sickness issues. By using the crosshair, players don’t get dizzy or nauseous, which Polygon explains in detail. So why not use a center dot?

A center dot has a similar effect and would not aid players’ aim as much as an entire crosshair does.

The good news is that you can disable it or switch it to a single dot, but it’s strange to have an entire crosshair by default.

It’s also strange not to get any kind of explanation as to why. Activision couldn’t have thought that players would not notice or not mention the change.

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To compare, the tweet below shows the mode with just a dot. It does definitely do the job described in the Polygon article, which is better than nothing.

You can see how much of a difference it is to the image below.

An image of a Call of Duty MW2 holding a weapon. The image highlights the crosshair in the center.
Image via u/cmonhumans on Reddit

This crosshair looks like it will stay for now, but it has many users saying they “miss tier one.”

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