Warzone 2 Ranked Release Date Prediction

A promo image for the return of the Plunder game mode in Call of Duty Warzone 2.

Warzone 2, despite being a solid title in the battle royale genre, has been losing players as of late. Many cite the lack of ranked matchmaking as a reason why they have stopped playing. Activision seems to have heard these criticisms, as a ranked mode is finally on the way.

Players will be excited to hear this, and will surely be back to see how their skill level compares to the rest of the game’s fans. Many are wondering when they’ll get the chance to try this ranked queue, as well as how exactly it will work compared to other ranking systems. This guide will walk players through the possible release date of the mode, as well as the most likely setup for the ranked system.

When Is the Release Date for Warzone 2’s Ranked Mode?

We do not know the exact release date for Warzone 2’s ranked mode, but we do know it will release sometime during Season 3. Seasons last for about two months, meaning the game mode will most likely become available between Wednesday April 12, and Mid-June.

The release window was confirmed in the Warzone 2 Season 3 patch notes. Chances are it will release either on April 12 or sometime in Mid-May during the mid-season patch.

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What Will the Warzone 2 Rankings Look Like?

The exact ranking system has not been revealed yet, but it will likely resemble the ranking system Modern Warfare 2 recently received.

In Modern Warfare 2 players are ranked in seven tiers, ranging from bronze to iridescent. Players start with the same Skill Rating in the Bronze Tier. Wins grant players increases in Skill Rating while losses lower it, allowing the player to change tiers based on performance. In Warzone, players will most likely be judged on their overall placement in the match rather than pure win/loss.

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