All DMZ Three-Plate Vest Barter Recipes: Comms, Tempered, Medic, and Stealth

Three operators wearing vests.

In DMZ, players can now barter their way to various three-plate vests, each with unique effects and abilities. These vests require specific items to be crafted, and players can use the Barter system to acquire them. They are extremely handy, just like Skeleton Keys.

Below are the recipes for the vests in DMZ.

All 3-plate Vests in DMZ and Their Barter Recipes

While players cannot barter their way into a base three-plate vest, they can craft different vests, each with its own unique abilities. Let’s take a look at the four three-plate vests and their required barter recipes and why they are valuable.

How To Make the 3-plate Comms Vest in DMZ

The Three-plate Comms Vest is crafted by combining:

  • Two hard drives
  • One soothing hand cream
  • Two batteries

What Does the 3-plate Comms Vest Do in DMZ?

This vest boosts the duration of UAV technologies, including the Killstreak UAV, the scan from UAV towers, and the mini UAV enemies can sometimes drop. Additionally, the vest provides an auditory cue when an enemy is near the player, warning them of impending danger.

How To Make the 3-plate Tempered Vest in DMZ

The Three-plate Tempered Vest is crafted by combining:

  • One classified document
  • Two documents
  • One sensitive document

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What Does the 3-plate Tempered Vest Do in DMZ?

This vest has two plates with 75HP each instead of three with 50, offering the same amount of protection as a regular three-plate vest while using fewer Armor Plates.

This also frees up space in the player’s backpack, allowing them to carry more items.

How To Make the 3-plate Medic Vest in DMZ

The Three-plate Medic Vest is crafted by combining:

  • One liquor
  • Three bandages
  • One watch

What Does the 3-plate Medic Vest Do in DMZ?

This vest grants faster revives on squadmates, as well as faster self-revives when using a Self-Revive Kit. This vest is perfect for players who want to support their team or self-revive in a pinch.

How To Make the 3-plate Stealth Vest in DMZ

The Three-plate Stealth Vest is crafted by combining:

  • One comic book
  • Two electrical components
  • One game console

What Does the Stealth Vest Do in the DMZ?

This vest grants players increased stealth capabilities, making them harder to detect by enemy players. This is particularly useful for players who prefer a more stealthy playstyle.

What Is the Best Vest in DMZ?

The best Vest for the DMZ is the 3-Plate Comms Vest, especially for solo players. It increases the duration and effects of all UAVs. This makes finding other players easier and can give you the upperhand in standoffs. Having better information about the map and your opponents can be a huge advantage.

What Is the Barter System in DMZ?

The Barter system is accessible through any Buy Station in DMZ. Clicking the Barter section will open up a new menu, which will show players a plethora of recipes available to craft if they have the right ingredients. These include specific gear, like hard drives, gun cleaning oil, and more. 

The items needed for these handy recipes vary in difficulty, and some higher-end items are required to make the more appealing recipes.

Players can barter their way to various items, ranging from smaller items like Gas Masks and Munition Boxes to some of the most coveted items like three-plate vests and Revive Pistols. While the recipes do not seem to change for now, the plates available to craft can change throughout the season.


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