What Is the BlackCell Sector in MW2 & Warzone 2 Battle Pass

All the rewards available through the Season 3 BlackCell battle pass in Call of Duty Warzone 2.

The battle pass has been a staple of live service games for a while now, and this is no different for Call of Duty. Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 have their battle pass system, where players earn experience to unlock sectors on a map, each with unique rewards. However, they’ve changed their standard formula with this latest battle pass in Season 3, introducing players to the BlackCell sector.

Call of Duty’s battle pass system has always been more unique than others, and this new addition seeks to add a different way to progress for players willing to pay it. This guide will walk players through the new BlackCell sector, and what it means for their battle pass progression.

What Is Special About the BlackCell Sector in the Warzone 2 Battle Pass?

The BlackCell sector is a new entry point to the Call of Duty battle pass. The BlackCell sector includes its own set of unique rewards, while also positioning players closer to higher-value items on the battle pass map, meaning that it will be easier overall to unlock desirable items like the Cronen Squall battle rifle and the FJX Imperium sniper rifle.

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Normally players start on the bottom of the map on the battle pass, unlocking sectors to move up the map. The more meaningful rewards are near the top of the map, meaning it takes a while to reach these powerful rewards. The BlackCell Sector is at the top of the map, meaning much fewer unlocks will be necessary to reach good rewards.

What Is Unlocked When a Player Purchases the BlackCell Battle Pass?

When players unlock the BlackCell sector they immediately receive a new operator called Atom, the Singularity Pro-tuned assault rifle blueprint, a finishing move, a heavy tank vehicle skin, and a bonus of 1100 CoD points.

Players also receive 20 free Battle Token Tier Skips or 25 on PlayStation. This is enough that players will immediately be able to unlock one of the two new weapons on purchase of the BlackCell pass.

There are additional unlocks available throughout the battle pass that are only available to Black Cell battle pass members, including a dozen BlackCell operator skins.

How much does the BlackCell Battle Pass cost to unlock?

The BlackCell pass costs $29.99 to unlock.

Players who purchased the normal battle pass and wish to upgrade can do so. The 1100 CoD points that they originally spent on the battle pass will be refunded back to them upon purchase of the BlackCell pass.

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For players looking to get those most out of the battle pass, or for those who struggle to unlock everything over the course of a normal season, the BlackCell battle pass will be for them. With Ranked Queues in Warzone arriving soon, players may be playing more than usual, meaning now is the time to get the most out of the battle pass.

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