How to Use the Bazaar in Last Epoch

Last Epoch screenshot of the Merchant's Guild faction window and the Bazaar button

Is there an “auction house” system in Eleventh Hour Games’ latest action RPG? Let’s see how to use the Bazaar in Last Epoch.

Last Epoch is the long-awaited aRPG from Eleventh Hour Studios. The game was in Early Access for years now, and the full release happened just a few days ago. With the full release comes the highly anticipated trade system. And in it, you have the Bazaar, an auction-house-like system. Read on to see how to use the Bazaar in Last Epoch.

How to Use the Bazaar in Last Epoch

To use the Bazaar, you have to access it through the Merchant’s Guild faction window. Once you open it, you will have a wide selection of items to choose from. At the top of the Bazaar window, there are various filters you can select: Level Range, Gold Cost, Rarity, Class, and Subtype. Moreover, you can see your equipped item in the corner of the screen, for comparison with the listed items.

On the right-hand side, you have two buttons. “List an Item” is used to put one of your items on sale in the Bazaar. “My Stall” is where you see the list of all the items you have already put up for sale.

What Can I Trade at the Bazaar?

The rarity of items you can buy and sell at the Bazaar depends on the Reputation you have with the Merchant’s Guild. To increase your Reputation you have to participate in the Bazaar and complete trades at your current level. There are 10 Reputation Levels, each unlocking another item type/rarity for you to trade with.

  1. Trade Basic Items
  2. Trade Set Items
  3. Trade Specific Unique Items
  4. Trade Idols
  5. Trade Exalted Weapons
  6. Trade Unique Weapons
  7. Trade All Exalted Items
  8. Trade All Unique Items
  9. Trade Legendary Weapons
  10. Trade All Legendary Items

How to Unlock the Bazaar

You will reach the mercantile city of Maj’Elka in Chapter 9. Once you do a quest in Maj’Elka’s Upper District you’ll get the option to choose a Faction to join: Merchant’s Guild or Circle of Fortune. The Bazaar is only available if you choose the Merchant’s Guild. Note that you can change your faction without any penalty throughout the game, but the Bazaar is only available when the Merchants are your active faction.

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