Last Epoch – All Editions and Pre-order Bonuses

Last Epoch Screenshot of a character looting a chest during a game

If you are looking for an explanation of all Last Epoch Editions and Pre-order Bonuses, this article is for you. Read on to learn all there is to know about that.

The official release of Last Epoch is almost upon us. Last Epoch is an aRPG game that takes players back in time to the early days of Ettera, to change the future and protect the world from the Void. Stick with us and let’s find out what are Last Epoch’s release Editions and Pre-order Bonuses. 

Last Epoch All Editions Explained

Last Epoch is available in Digital format in three Editions across all release platforms. Keep reading as we dive into all the Editions you can purchase for the game, including the Pre-order Bonus for acquiring the game before release.  

Last Epoch Standard Edition

The Standard Edition of Last Epoch costs $35.99, and it comes with Full Digital Game only. On the other hand, if you pre-order the edition there is also the pre-order bonus that you’ll get as well. 

Last Epoch Deluxe Edition 

Last Epoch Deluxe Edition costs $49.99, and in addition to the Full Digital Game, this Edition comes with a few nice goodies and pretty good-looking in-game cosmetics.

  • Full Digital Game 
  • Full Original Digital Soundtrack 
  • 50 Epoch Points (EP)
  • Adolescent Chronowyrm – Cosmetic Pet
  • Fallen Ronin – Cosmetic Armour Set
  • Firefly’s Refuge – Cosmetic Portal

Last Epoch Ultimate Edition

The Ultimate Edition for Last Epoch will set you back $64.99. Along with everything you will get in previous editions, the Ultimate Edition offers even more in-game cosmetics and Epoch Points.

  • Full Digital Game
  • Full Original Digital Soundtrack
  • 100 Epoch Points (EP)
  • Adolescent Chronowyrm – Cosmetic Pet
  • Fallen Ronin  – Cosmetic Armour Set
  • Firefly’s Refuge – Cosmetic Portal
  • Temporal Guardian – Cosmetic Armour Set
  • Twilight Fox – Cosmetic Pet
  • Adult Chronowyrm – Cosmetic Pet
  • Celestial Way – Cosmetic Portal

Last Epoch Exclusive Pre-order Bonus

Purchasing any Edition of Last Epoch before the game release will get you a Pre-order Exclusive Bonus. This comes in the form of “Golden Guppy” the Baby Chronowyrm, which is an in-game cosmetic pet.


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