How to Use the Eternity Cache in Last Epoch

Last Epoch Screenshot of a character using a skill in the game

There is an awesome way to craft Legendary items in Last Epoch using the Eternity Cache, so read on to learn how to use it and where to find it.

Last Epoch is the newest action RPG by Eleventh Hour Games. It combines the tried-and-true gameplay similar to Torchlight, Pillars of Eternity, or Diablo, with great visuals, a peculiar skill system, and time-traveling options. Moreover, it has a unique way of crafting Legendary items. We will explain everything about it in this article, so read on to see how to use the Eternity Cache in Last Epoch.

How to Use the Eternity Cache in Last Epoch

Eternity Cache is used to combine two items into a Legendary one, a must-have for end-game content. To put it simply, you take one Unique Item and one Exalted Item, put them in the Eternity Cache, travel forward in time, and those two items will merge into a single Legendary Item. Let’s see how that works exactly.

When you find the Eternity Cache in the Divine Era, you will have to option to combine two items. The first one must be a Unique Item, with at least one Legendary Potential. The second item must be of Exalted rarity with four unsealed Affixes. Place the two items inside the Cache and click the Seal Cache button. Now, time-travel to the Ruined Era, and voilà, your brand new Legendary Item will be waiting for you.

Legendary Potential represents the number of Affixes the Unique item will take from the Exalted item. It ranges from one to four, with one meaning only one of the four Affixes will be transferred, chosen at random, and a Legendary Potential of four means that all four affixes will be transferred to the Unique item, resulting in an incredibly powerful Legendary Item. Note that sealed Affixes are ignored for this purpose.

Lastly, a few caveats. First, it is important to note that only items of the same type can be combined in the Eternity Cache. You can only combine Rings with Rings, Quivers with Quivers, etc. Second, Legendary Items crafted this way cannot be further improved in the Eternity Cache. Third, Set Items cannot be used here. And finally, a faction-specific item (Merchant’s Guild or Circle of Fortune) can only be combined with items either from the same faction or neutral ones. You cannot combine Merchant’s Guild items with the Circle of Fortune ones.

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Where to Find the Eternity Cache

Eternity Cache is located in the Temporal Sanctum, a Dungeon in the Maj’elka region of The Ruined Coast. It is a tough Level 50 Dungeon, with different difficulty levels. Higher difficulty levels of the Temporal Sanctum allow you to combine more powerful items in the Eternity Cache. Be warned that the Cache itself is protected by a powerful boss, Chronomancer Julra.

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