How to Respec Passives in Last Epoch

Screenshot from Last Epoch.

Have you made a mistake when assigning a skill point or just want to try something else? Read on to see how to respec Passives in Last Epoch.

Last Epoc is an action RPG, developed and published by Eleventh Hour Games. It has been in Early Access for years now but has finally seen the full release recently. Inspired by isometric hack-and-slash games, like Diablo or Pillars of Eternity, Last Epoch combines your usual loot-based progression with an interesting story, visuals, and time travel. As with any good aRPG, besides getting better loot, you also gain power by leveling and assigning Points to skills and Masteries. But, you may have made a mistake or had a better idea, and now you want to reassign those passive Mastery Points. Can you do that? Yes, you can. Let’s see how to respec Passives in Last Epoch.

How to Respec Passives in Last Epoch

Respecing Passives is slightly different from what you probably expected, but it is not at all complicated. You have to find a special type of NPCs, called Chronomancers. They can be found in major towns, and are marked with a pink/purple brain icon on your mini-map (and hovering over their heads). Approach them and you will be given the option to Respecialize Mastery Point allocations.

Last Epoch screenshot of a Chronomancer NPC
Image via N4G Unlocked

Selecting that will open your Passives window, where you can remove and reassign your Passive Points. Click on a passive that you wish to remove a point from and that will prompt a confirmation window. You need to pay an increasing amount of Gold for each point that you wish to remove.

Last Epoch screenshot of a passives respec window
Image via N4G unlocked

Remember that you need at least 20 points assigned to your base class’ Passives before you can access the Mastery page. That means, if you have unlocked a Mastery, you cannot remove points from your base class if that would lead to having less than 20 points there. You must add a new point there (to make it 21 assigned points) before removing one.

Also, remember that Passives have tiers, ie, you have to assign at least five points to a certain tier to have access to the next one. As explained earlier, you cannot remove points from a certain tier to less than five, if you have any points assigned to the next tier.

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Can You Switch Masteries?

No, you can respec almost anything in Last Epoch, besides your base class and your chosen Mastery. Those are the only two permanent choices that you make. If you want to try out a new Mastery, you have to create a whole new character.

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