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Last Epoch Screenshot of a character overlooking the panorama of the city during a game

If you are interested in finding out what are all the release platforms for Last Epoch, we got you covered. Stick with us and we will reveal all the platforms the game will be playable on day one of the launch, along with Eleventh Hour Games’ plans to bring the game to other platforms.

Last Epoch is an action role-playing game, set across different timelines of the world of Eterra. The journey will take you across Eterra’s history, where you will have to fight numerous enemies to save the world’s future. The greatest threat is the Void that is corrupting the world, twisting everything it touches. Nevertheless, across time other forces ruled this world that will stand in your way – from the arrogant Rahyeh, the god of sun and fire, to the Immortal empire of the undead.   

Luckily the game offers five different classes and 15 masteries with over 120 skills, along with a robust loot and crafting system. All of this combined allows for the creation of unique heroes suited to everyone’s playstyle. 

All Last Epoch Release Platforms 

After years spent in Early Access, Last Epoch is finally getting the full release. The game will land soon and it will be released on PC via Steam. This comes as no surprise since the game’s Early Access could only be played using this platform. This might sound like bad news for console owners, but they should not despair. 

Is Last Epoch going to be released on Consoles? 

As mentioned before, at this time the game is only playable on PC. Nevertheless, developers have confirmed that they have plans to bring the game to the console market in the future. Currently, Eleventh Hour Games’ focus is on making the game the best it can be on PC. At this moment there is no information on whether the developers have started the work on the console version of the game. This means that we might have to wait a while before we can play Last Epoch on any consoles. However, the hope remains that it will make its way to consoles in the future, similar to the way other modern aRPG games have done over the years.


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