Is there PvP in Last Epoch?

Last Epoch Screenshot of a character fighting giant scorpions

If you are interested in finding out if there is PvP in Last Epoch, you came to the right place. Last Epoch left Early Access and transitioned to a full-game release with a patch 1.0. This means changes and many new options are added to the game, including an offline mode.

The Void is corrupting everything in its path and the future of Eterra is in danger. Last Epoch takes players on a journey across the world’s history to save its future. On this journey, there are many dangers, from angry gods bent on world conquest to undead legions.

To fight all these threats the game offers many character creation and progression options, with over 120 skills that can be altered to fit everyone’s play style. The game comes with a crafting system that allows for the creation of unique items to help you on your journey.

Does Last Epoch have PvP?

No, Last Epoch currently does not have PvP combat. The developers of the game, Eleventh Hour Games, previously mentioned that they are currently focusing on making the best PvE experience for the game. This means that for now interaction with other players is strictly focused on multiplayer and co-op. On that note, there is even an “auction house”, called the Bazaar, where you can trade items with other players.

However, there may be some good news for those players looking to tangle with others in the future.

Will there be PvP in Last Epoch in the future?

Yes, the developers have confirmed that they are planning on adding the PvP later down the line. There is currently no information on how this will look and impact the game. For now, we can only speculate about the format that PvP will take. What we found out is that it will be called the Time-Lost Colosseum. It will have arena-style combat where players fight each other either in teams or solo. It could take a cue from Diablo 4 and dedicate subzones of the world to PVP. Only time will tell. Nevertheless, we will have to wait and see what Eleventh Hour Games has in store for us.

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