Rarest Unique Items in Last Epoch

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The thrill of finding an ultra-rare item in action RPGs is incredible. Read this article to see what are the rarest Unique items in Last Epoch.

Almost every aRPG has items of different rarity. It became a staple of today’s games, and Last Epoch is no different. Here, items are separated into the following rarities: Common, Magic, Rare, Unique, Set, Exalted, and Legendary. But, Unique items are most sought-after as they are needed to craft Legendary items, and getting one of the rarest Uniques will result in the most powerful end-game items. With that in mind, here are the rarest Unique items in Last Epoch.

Rarest Unique Items in Last Epoch

There are hundreds of Unique items in Last Epoch and they usually drop from late-game bosses or are found in high-level Dungeons. Bear in mind that certain Uniques can only be found in specific timelines. At the moment, the rarest Unique items in Last Epoch are:

Ravenous Void

The rarest Unique in the game, Ravenous Void is a pair of Unique Gluttonous Gloves and one of the most powerful defensive items in the game. Note that it is recommended that you have a way to Cleanse yourself, to negate the penalty this item gives you. You can find it in The Last Ruin timeline, and The Husk of Elder Gaspar boss has an increased chance of dropping this item. Its description is: “A pair of mimic brothers, lost in the ravenous void, hungry for anyone who dips their hands inside.” It has the following stats.

  • Modifiers
    • Gain a stack of Void Barrier every 5 seconds while above your Endurance Threshold (Void Barrier stacks up to 3 times. You take 5% less damage per stack (multiplicative with other modifiers))
    • Dropping below your Endurance Threshold doubles all stacks of Void Barrier for 3 seconds, allowing you to exceed the normal maximum. After that, all stacks of Void Barrier are converted to Mimic Feast.
    • (15% to 10%) less Void Damage Taken
    • (10% to 15%) of Physical Damage Taken as Void
    • +(60 to 100) Endurance Threshold
  • Ailments
    • Mimic Feast is an Ailment that lasts 15 seconds and can be removed by effects that Cleanse negative Ailments. Each stack of Mimic Feast deals Void Damage over Time to you and disables Void Barrier generation and Health Leech. It can have up to 12 Stacks.
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Red Ring of Atlaria

The Red Ring of Atlaria is a Unique Silver Ring that offers a mighty boost to your defenses and regeneration. You can only find it in The Age of Winter timeline, and it is described as “One of seven enchanted rings that were all believed to be lost when Atlaria vanished beneath the waves.” It has the following stats.

  • Implicits
    • (3% to 8%) increased Movement Speed
  • Modifiers
    • +(4 to 5) to All Attributes
    • +(15% to 20%) to All Resistances
    • (15% to 20%) increased Health Regeneration
    • (15% to 20%) increased Mana Regeneration
    • (15% to 20%) increased Dodge Ratingeration
    • 10% less Damage Taken if you have at least 180 Total Attributes (Multiplicative with other modifiers. Your “Total Attributes” is the sum of your Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Attunement, and Vitality)

Orian’s Eye

Orian’s Eye is a Unique Oracle Amulet, that can only be found in The Age of Winter timeline. It is a powerful defensive item, that turns all Void damage into Fire damage, which it reduces. Its flavor text says: “The future burns within the prophetic lense.”, and it has the following stats.

  • Implicits
    • (6% to 20%) less Damage Over Time Taken
  • Modifiers
    • 100% of Void Damage Taken as Fire
    • (15% to 10%) less Fire Damage Taken
    • +(75 to 150) Mana
    • (75 to 150)% increased duration of Stun Immunity after being stunned

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