How to Respec Skills in Last Epoch

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If you want to make some slight changes to your build and reassign those skill points, this article is for you. Stick around to find out how to respec Skills in Last Epoch.

Recently we had the long-awaited full release of Last Epoch. It has mostly positive reviews from the fans, though it has suffered from server problems right from the get-go. As with any aRPG worth its salt, you have a ton of customization options to perfect your build. Moreover, Last Epoch has a peculiar Skill Points system. But, what if you want to change how you have assigned those Skill points? Let’s see how to respec Skills in Last Epoch.

How to Respec Skills in Last Epoch

Press the “S” button to open your Skills window, and in the upper right corner, you’ll find the Respec button. Click on it and you’ll be given two options: Remove Skill Points and Despecialize Skill.

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In Last Epoch, you increase your Skill level simply by using the skill. Each time you hit a level-up “milestone” with a certain skill, you will be granted a skill point to assign. Each skill has its own “Skill Tree”, and is capped at Level 20. With all that in mind, there are two ways you can respec your Skills: you can either remove assigned points or completely change the skill that you are using.

Remove Skill Points

If you select the Remove Skill Points option, you get the option to remove the points you have already assigned to this Skill. This does not mean that you automatically get that point back. If your chosen Skill’s Level is above the Minimum Skill Level of your character, you’ll simply remove the point, which will in turn lower your Skill Level, allowing you to level up that Skill again and assign the new point where you want to. If removing skill points would bring the chosen Skill below your Minimum Skill Level, you’ll get those points back.

For example, let’s say your Skill is at Level 12, and your Minimum Skill Level is 10. If you remove two points, your Skill level will drop to 10, and you’ll get nothing in return since the Skill level is now in line with your Minimum Skill Level. But now, if you remove any more points, each point you remove will give you a point back, to keep that Skill on the Minimum Level.

Despecialize Skill

This option is to fully remove a Skill from your Hotbar and replace it with another one. If you select this option, you pick a new Skill to specialize in. Moreover, the Skill Level of the new skill you selected will automatically be raised to your Minimum Skill Level, giving you a headstart. Despecialize Skill is not that big of a setback, as Skill Levels are not based on your Character Level.

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