How Long to Beat Last Epoch? Last Epoch Campaign Length and Replayability

Last Epoch Screenshot of a character using a skill in the game

Will the main story of Last Epoch take much of your time? How long to beat Last Epoch? Read on and see.

The Early Access for Last Epoch lasted for about five years, and now the 1.0 version is finally here. This isometric action RPG, inspired by games like Diablo and Path of Exile, is highly praised, even though it suffered some bumps on the release. As expected, you’ll travel through Chapters, fight monsters, and gain loot. Moreover, Eleventh Hour Games have added time travel to spice things up. With all that in mind, how much time do we have to invest in the game to complete the main campaign? How long does it take to beat Last Epoch? Let’s see.

How Long to Beat Last Epoch?

According to several sources, the average time to beat the main campaign in Last Epoch is around 16 hours. Players unfamiliar with the genre may need a little bit more time, while veterans will probably shave off a couple of hours. 

That is only if you focus on the main story. If you plan to include side quests in your run, then double the number of hours needed – around 35 hours are needed to finish both main and side quests. To top it all off, for the completionists among you, completing every part of the Last Epoch will take about 70 hours.


The main story in Last Epoch is not that long, you can beat it in three or four average gaming sessions. The best part is that you get to choose between five different classes, each offering a unique playstyle. Add 15 Masteriers and 120 Skill Trees to the mix and the replay value is enormous. Each playthrough can be like a whole different game, so having an average campaign length is not that big of a deal.

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