How to Fix the “Online Play Unavailable” Error in Last Epoch

Image of the "Online Play Unavailable" Error in Last Epoch.

More errors are plaguing the official launch of Last Epoch. Read on to see how to fix the “Online Play Unavailable” error in Last Epoch.

After years of waiting, version 1.0 of Last Epoch is finally released. This action RPG, inspired by games like Diablo, Torchlight, or Path of Exile, already has very positive reviews. Unfortunately, not everything goes smoothly with this one, as it already has connection errors and server issues. Nothing worse than being unable to log into the game you’ve been waiting for so much. And when online play is unavailable, what can we do to fix it? Let’s see. Let’s see how to fix the “Online Play Unavailable” Error in Last Epoch.

How to Fix the “Online Play Unavailable” Error in Last Epoch

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about this error. The servers are full and cannot support more players at this time. What you can do is:

  • Wait for the servers to clear up – with full servers there is no room for more players. But, eventually, people will leave and that will make room for other players to join. Try logging in after a while and see if luck is on your side.
  • Play offline – Last Epoch can be played either online or offline. If online play is unavailable at the moment, you can switch to offline play until the issue is resolved. Note that online play and offline play are treated as two completely separate games. You cannot use the same character in both modes. There are a couple of ways you can access offline mode:
    • When the game is launched, a Launch Option window will open, giving you the choice between online and offline play.
    • You can select Offline mode via Steam Library: right-click on the game > Properties > General > Launch Options > Play Full Offline.
    • If you are already in-game, you can switch to offline mode in the top-left corner of the screen.

What is the “Online Play Unavailable” Error?

“Online Play Unavailable” means that more people are waiting to play Last Epoch than the servers can support. Overcrowded servers are unable to support more players until the number of concurrent players reduces. The developers at Eleventh Hour Games are posting constant updates: “150k CCU and the initial burst of volume has our matchmaking services experiencing some issues that we’re quickly working to rectify. We’re in the war room with our backend team and service providers turning all the dials and knobs as quickly as we can.”

“We will continue to improve stability tonight and throughout the week to ensure that you guys are able to play without the frustration. For those wanting to avoid the online issues for now the full-offline mode is available when launching the game.“

The last update at the time of writing states: “Currently we are investigating issues with transitions failing or taking a long time to process. We have a bit of a lead and believe this may be related to logging. I’ll keep everyone posted”

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