Players Want a Break From the Same Major Orders in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 screenshot of a player looking at a SEAF corpse and some missles

One Major Order has outstayed its welcome, and Helldivers 2 players are getting sick of it.

Major Orders are the way to push the global narrative of Helldivers 2. It is a way to organize all players to contribute to the same goal. But, unfortunately, these Orders started getting a little repetitive. Offering the same goals time and time again can lead to resentment and avoidance, which can lead to the failure of the Major Order.

There Are Too Many Defense Campaigns for Helldivers to Handle

The current Major Order in Helldivers 2 requires players to defend 10 planets over six days. Knowing that Helldivers recently lost a Major Order requiring them to defend five planets, this Order was not received warmly. Players expressed their dissatisfaction with repeating the unpopular Order, saying that they feel punished for being “too successful” (killing two billion bugs in about 12 hours) in completing the Major Order before this one.

One player, named DoTortoisesHop, started a Reddit post showing the differences between the Automaton and Terminid fronts. The post shows that ⅔ of all Helldivers are on the Terminid front, which only has a couple of Defense Campaign missions. On the other hand, the Automaton front has quite a number of Defense Campaign planets with, obviously, only a ⅓ of Helldivers active there. One user pointed that out, saying: “…bot players being spread out amongst 10 planets instead of 2 or 3”.

Helldivers 2 image of the defense mission planets on the Automaton front
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Players Actively Avoid Automaton Defence Missions in Helldivers 2

It seems that the players want a break from fighting bots. Automatons have been the main target since the beginning of March. As Radiant_Fruit7403 said: “I think this kind of shows people are a smidge burnt out on bots. I know when we did the big initial push to get them out, I was all for it. When it was done, I was like “FINALLY. I can take a break and go after bugs for a bit instead.”

Helldivers 2 screenshot of the civilian escort mission
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Others say that the main culprits are the civilian escort missions. Redditor Emotional_Major_5835 stated: “Bot defenses keep failing because trying to escort 45 civilians out while dropships come every 3 seconds. I simply do not play that mission anymore.”  San-Kyu agrees, adding: ”The main reason I’ve stopped going to fight bots is because I’m just tired of escorting damned 35+ civs under fire from every direction and failing…”

Too Many Automaton-Centered Major Orders

While Automatons are an awesome faction to fight, it can get repetitive after almost two months of constant bot-warfare. Moreover, Liberation Campaigns are a little easier to do, you concentrate on a planet or two until Liberated, and then continue on. Defense Campaigns require constant attention from all Helldvers, which is easier said than done. Especially if those Heldivers want a break from having to fight bots all over again. One of the main reasons two billion Terminids were killed so fast is that the players really missed fighting bugs and doing Terminid-centered missions.

Helldivers 2 screenshot of the Expendable Anti Tank zooming in
Image via N4G Unlocked

Helldivers are not ones to cry over lost Major Orders, but at least having a fighting chance would be great. Now only half of the required planets are defended, but the Major Order’s timer is almost up. We hope that the action will turn towards the eastern side of the galaxy a little more in the future. 

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