Helldivers 2 Fans Collide With Community Manager Over Next Warbond Release Date

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New Helldivers 2 Warbond was released on May 9. Polar Patriots received a lukewarm reaction, fans all over the world are left wanting more. Rumors are going around that the release date for the next Warbond might be pushed. That would allow the developers to test out the items properly. Fans are seemingly all for the delay, but there has been some push-back from the Arrowhead ranks. Notably, one Helldivers 2 community manager drew the fans’ ire with comments over the recent Warbond release.

Recently, we saw a wonderful gesture from Arrowhead CEO Pilestedt when he asked Helldivers community for their input on the release date of Polar Patriots Warbond. Now, dissatisfied Helldivers hope to be heard again, with a plea for more testing before releasing another Warbond.

Helldivers 2 Fans Enraged by Community Manager Comments over Warbond

One of Arrowhead’s community managers, who goes under the moniker Evil-Bosse, made a controversial statement. After being asked for more testing of the Warbond, he wrote: ”This is the stuff I want community polls on, do you want a Warbond next month, or by 2028? Since that’s what the discussion told us yesterday, the community knows everything.”

This seemingly well-intentioned comment was unfortunately spoiled by Evil-Bosse’s succeeding interactions with fans. Replying to a comment from a frustrated gamer, Evil Bosse said: ”Ok, I will make sure you get the next Warbond when we’ve done at least 10k hours testing on it. So you will get it by… 2028. The rest will get it on normal release.”This left a poor taste in fans’ mouths, so they took to Reddit to vent.

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A user maskedpony18 said: ”People were pointing out how the Tenderizer is basically a Liberator when it first got leaked. People guessed it was just placeholder stats cos otherwise it didn’t make sense.

You didn’t even need to go into a game to play test the gun to see that, 10k hours my a**.” CashewTheNuttyy agreed, simply stating: ”Negative* 1000 hours and we still figured out it’s bad lmao.” Other comments were a bit more productive, pointing out that ”10k gameplay hours is not actually a lot of hours given how many people play, and would play in a beta server.” As observed by ATangK.

Community Manager Under Fire for Rude Comments

As the discussion grew around this topic – most Redditors agreed on one aspect. They all felt that the community manager’s behavior was out of line. As explained by rW0HgFyxoJhYka: ”Yeah, wtf are these dev responses. Do they even understand what they are saying? QA’s job isn’t to spend 10k hours on something to sus out all the bugs. Their job is to make sure that what is intended is working as intended, that takes an hour or two tops, less than that for single line item checks… Zero PR training. Zero grasp of community issues. Are they even managing s**t properly behind the scenes?”

Fans are asking to be heard, and they make some great points. Helldivers hope for some buffs in the near future. Rumors around the web indicate that the developers might show a gesture of goodwill and grant them their wishes. So far, the next Warbond is set to drop on June 13. We hope the balance team will come through for the fans!


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