Helldivers 2 Community Makes a Stand Against the Rising Number of Cheaters

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Almost every game eventually becomes a target for cheaters. Despite the best efforts, anti-cheat systems, and the like, some unsavory individuals do manage to slip by. This is especially true for online PvP games, where some gamers resort to cheating to gain an unfair advantage over others. But, looking for an unfair advantage in single-player or PvE games, like Helldivers 2, is a whole new level of cheating. 

Reports of Cheating in Helldivers 2

We have come across more and more reports of Helldivers encountering cheaters in-game. The first one is the report of a noble Helldiver named bean0_burrito on Reddit, who encountered a cheating duo. In his case, the cheaters had some kind of hack that allowed them to rapidly fire the Recoilless Rifle with no reloading. That led to an unsatisfying experience for the player, and rightfully so. Using hacks to turn a challenging PvE game into a walk in the park kind of defeats the point of playing.

Another report that has gained massive popularity is from a Redditor named ForeverDesparate5855. He joined an ongoing game and realized too late that the number of Samples that the group collected was impossibly higher than usual. We are talking about thousands of samples in one game, not the usual 10-20. The fair-playing Helldiver complained that this ruins his gaming experience, as now 80% of his grind has been done in one match and has asked the devs to roll back his account to the number of samples he had before the incident.

More and more similar cases are reported daily, with one player even encountering a question “Is it okay if we use Auto-Aim hacks?”.

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Helldivers 2 Community Does Not Support Cheaters

As expected, the Helldivers 2 community is not thrilled with this. Many call out the absurdity of cheating in a team PvE game. MoonMistCigs asked: “I just don’t get it. My friend and I played some two-player missions the other night and mostly got our asses kicked, but at no point did we think about cheating. Where’s the fun in that?“ and Steelbean70 adding: ”I really don’t get the point in cheating; especially in a PvE game.”

Lastly, Ciaran_h1 tops it off with: “Honestly think about it. If you are making your way through the game then all of a sudden you play 1 mission, and come out of it with max everything (for example) – what is the point in continuing? The incentive is gone, sure you’ll have all upgrades and guns and all but the fun has completely been sucked out of the game. Especially if you haven’t ‘earned’ it.”

Arrowhead devs are aware of this and have reached out to some of the aforementioned Redditors, ensuring that their accounts will be set straight. 

Cheaters Using Unconventional Letters

Lastly, the community has noticed that the majority of hackers have usernames written using Chinese or Russian letters. That is not to say that most hackers come from those countries, as EA-Corrupt mentioned: ”I remember reading somewhere that the Chinese names aren’t usually Chinese “hackers”. It’s easier for cheaters to use characters like that due to the fact they are difficult to read or remember. I guess it helps in some way.” and PolarisX adding: “Harder to report because there is no copy and paste. Same with lots of special characters.”

So, if you do encounter names like these, be careful. If you encounter any cheaters during your Helldivers 2 games, be sure to report it to your local disciplinary officer. To do so, from your Social menu, look for the culprit’s name, either on your squad or Recent Players, select them, and click Report. Happy Helldiving.

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