Helldivers 2 Community Extends a Hand to Players Who Leave Missions Out of Embarrassment

Helldivers 2 flock of shriekers

There is no need to pretend, we’ve all been there. You’ve fumbled your weapon or accidentally aimed poorly. As a result, you, another player, or even the whole crew wound up dead. It happens to the best of us. It’s all completely normal. Unfortunately, when you are already having a bad day, you might feel even worse, or you’ll feel ashamed for letting down your fellow soldiers. Don’t worry, the community is there to support you through it. Helldivers 2 players took to social media to share their biggest oopsies and explain why you should never leave missions because you messed up.

Players Share Which Missions Made Them Want to Leave and Why It’s Important to Stay

It’s a fact that everyone has a bad day. Snoo_61002 shared their experiences and reminded the community why it was okay to make a mistake occasionally. They said: “Do not leave a game when you embarrass yourself or are having a bad game. We need every bullet you have. Don’t be ashamed and leave in shame. I have had it happen a few times in the last week, someone called in the wrong stratagem and blew us all up. Then apologized and left”.

This player encouraged: “Do not leave. Fight. We have reinforcements, more with you there. If you really feel like you’ve dishonored yourself, reclaim your honor. Spill oil, spill bug blood. Please stay and fight, you are still wanted, and one mistake doesn’t define you (even if it’s the fifth mistake)”.

Other players jumped in to share their own mistakes. Comprehensive_Toe113 boasted: “Bro I once threw my 500kg and said ‘Don’t go there I dropped a 500’ only to then run into it. I didn’t leave, I didn’t even consider leaving”. ThatDree confessed: “I fumbled my weapon and shot an airstrike rocket in the middle of the extraction point”.

One player, dhaninugraha, has extensive experience with mishaps. They’ve accidentally gassed and char-broiled their teammates. This player also recalled snipping Bile Spewers in front of another soldier, “dousing them with the spewer acid”. On several occasions, they also landed their Hellpod on another player when they were aiming for Bile Titans.
None of that discouraged them. They explained: “Every time s**t like that happened, it was always: hold Q then select “sorry”, then we move on to the next objective and/or bust more bugs. It’s part of the game. However, it’s up to us whether we wanna act decently despite the mishaps and be communicative with our intent”.

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Helldivers on Higher Levels Deserve Some Love Too

Unfortunately, even though players on higher levels tend to forgive more easily, they also get shamed more, or even get kicked out for messing up. BantorraX2nd shared: “Sorry, but I’m level 100+, if I die more than once or kill someone with friendly fire it’s apparently intentional griefing, and will get kicked anyway. But for real tho levels don’t give you high HP or lower friendly fire damage, please stop harassing us for accidentally killing you”.

VonNeumannsProbe joked: “Gotta rock that Cadet status so people don’t expect much”. For the record, players on higher levels should be allowed to make mistakes. Sure, they’re more experienced so you have higher expectations of them, but they are people after all. Even people on very high levels can have bad days IRL, and they deserve as much compassion as anyone else.

We all have to be reminded occasionally that even though this game is highly immersive, there are real people behind all of these Helldivers. It’s easy to get distracted by all the weapons, the new biome, or annoying bugs. The players should remember to be thankful for all the support the community is ready to offer. When Helldivers 2 missions get hard and you want to leave ask the closest players for help. In our experience, wherever you look you’ll find someone ready to support you.

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