Best Items in Helldivers 2 Viper Commandos Warbond to Spend Your Medals

Helldivers 2 Viper Commandos Warbond in the requisition menu

The long-anticipated new Warbond is finally here. Viper Commandos Warbond is all about jungles and close combat, so let’s see the best items to spend your Medals on in Helldivers 2.

New Warbond items are unlocked with Medals, and you will need quite of lot of them to unlock everything. Warbonds usually come with additions to Primary Weapons, Secondary, and Grenades but Viper Commandos take a slightly different route. There are fewer weapons and armor sets this time, but the number of cosmetics and emotes is the same. So, keep reading to see what are the best items to spend your Medals on in the latest Helldivers 2 Viper Comandos Warbond.

Helldivers 2 Viper Commandos Warbond Top 5 Best Items to Get

There have been a lot of controversies concerning Warbonds lately. Players were disappointed with the new content, due to it being unoriginal and underwhelming. Only one or two new items were any good, while the rest underperformed. This time, the devs promised that the new Viper Commandos Warbond would be better and that every item in it would be great. So, let’s see about that.

1. K-2 Throwing Knife

Helldivers 2 Viper Commandos throwing knife
Image via N4G Unlocked

The Throwing Knife holds the first place for the sheer coolness factor. No one expected that a game that relies on laser weapons and orbital strikes would add something so simple as a throwing knife. Moves like the Predator (which seems to be the inspiration for this Warbond) and Starship Troopers (which is the inspiration for the whole Helldivers game) all have famous scenes with throwing knives, and now you can have your own with this new Throwable item.

2. SG-22 Bushwhacker Secondary

Helldivers 2 Viper Commandos Bushwacker
Image via N4G Unlocked

Your Secondary is what you usually use when the enemy is closing in and there is no time to reload. We got our first “exotic” Secondary in Democratic Detonation when we got a pistol that shoots grenades. This time, the Secondary is a sawed-off shotgun, a perfect weapon for point-blank shots. It holds three shells, which you can fire one at a time, or discharge all of them at once (in case you are ambushed by Stalkers or Brood Commanders).

3. Experimental Infusion Booster

Helldivers 2 Viper Commandos booster
Image via N4G Unlocked

The new Booster adds so much more to your Stims, and they are something that you most definitely use multiple times per game. When you (or your squad member) use a Stim with Experimental Infusion equipped, you will get a movement speed increase and damage reduction for a short while. Combine this with a Medic-type armor, and every Stim use will give you “god-mode lite”.

4. PH-9 Predator / PH-202 Twigsnapper Armor

Helldivers 2 Viper Commandos armor
Image via N4G Unlocked

Both of these Armor sets come with the new Peak Physique Perk. It improves your weapon control by 30% and increases your melee damage by 50%. This is the first time that melee damage has been improved, so we expect thousands of Helldivers to charge into the fray wearing these Armor sets. The only difference between them is the armor value/movement speed they provide (Light or Heavy), and that is completely up to your personal preference.

5. PH-9 Predator Helmet

Helldivers 2 Viper Commandos helmet
Image via N4G Unlocked

The only cosmetic item we ever added to a list like this, the Predator helmet has a red beret and a skull mask, with some sick shades to boot. Nothing more has to be said about it. It has achieved peak awesomeness.

What Are the Items in Viper Commandos Warbond Best Used For?

Helldivers 2 image of Viper Commandos content
Image via Sony

As previously mentioned, the items in Viper Commandos Warbond are geared towards getting up close and personal. This is the first time in Helldivers 2 that the melee attack has been given any attention. Both weapons are designed to deal with enemies that get in your face

Finally, we got a new Armor Perk, and both of the new Armor sets have it. This is a welcome change, as players were disappointed with the last two Warbonds, where armor descriptions were saying one thing and the in-game effects weren’t even close. The neat thing is that the new Perk affects both your ranged and melee potential. No doubt it will make it a popular choice among the players.

All of these improvements sound great now, on the release, and time will tell how they will hold up.

The last Warbond before this one is Polar Patriots and saying it was lackluster is an understatement. It added a couple of “ok” weapons, but the rest of the content was far from popular. We hope Viper Commandos will be great right from the start, and that we will not have to wait for more patches and fixes to make it work as intended.


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