Fortnite Players Can Earn a Free Glider in the Latest Collab Event

Fortnite free Nue Glider in event

You will be able to win a free glider in Fortnite when you participate in the Jujutsu Kaisen event after the upcoming patch. Everyone knows that nothing beats earning a free reward after putting in a bit of effort in a game. Fortnite players know that better than most, with many collabs offering thematic rewards for players to earn. With the Jujutsu Kaisen collab ready to go, fans of both Fortnite and anime will be able to snag a cool new glider for their efforts. Here’s everything that we know so far.

How To Get a Free Glider in the New Fortnite Event

With the upcoming Fortnite patch just around the corner, iFireMonkey on Twitter has previewed the free glider that players will be able to earn. The glider looks amazing, representing Nue from Jujutsu Kaisen, further tying in with the new collab.

Players will be able to win the glider in a familiar manner to previous collab events. As usual, you can participate in quests while playing Fortnite. Completing a certain amount of quests will boost the progress bar, which in turn rewards you with tokens. After collecting five tokens, you will earn the Nue Glider for your account.

But iFireMonkey has got everyone covered in anticipation of the new event. There’s the quest list posted already in a follow-up tweet. Most of the quests are very straightforward, something that players will do by simply playing Fortnite. 

That means that it won’t be too difficult to earn the glider, but those who miss out will have a backup solution. Epic has posted a blog post surrounding the update, and a quote reveals there will be a way to get the glider later on: “Please note that the Break the Curse! free reward track items, Premium Reward Track upgrade items, and Nue Glider are not exclusive to Break the Curse!, and they may become purchasable in the Item Shop at a later date.”

You can start progressing through quests after today’s update, so it will be the perfect time to get out there and win the glider. For more Fortnite guides on N4G Unlocked, check out What is an Ascender in Fortnite & Where to Find Them and Where Is Shipwreck Cove in Fortnite.


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