How to Fix the High Complexity Area Error in LEGO Fortnite?

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Are you experiencing issues while playing LEGO Fortnite? Read on to see how to fix the High Complexity Area error in LEGO Fortnite.

LEGO Fortnite has practically taken over the Fortnite scene. Instead of a shooter, players seem to enjoy the wacky hijinks of LEGO minifigs more. The possibilities are endless since you can build your village, explore dangerous caves, and even make your own vehicles. But sadly, as with any huge multiplayer game, some issues are bound to appear now and then. Players report that the ‘High Complexity Area’ error keeps coming up. We are unsure of what is the cause of this so let’s try to find out, and how to solve the issue. Let’s see how to fix the ‘High Complexity Area’ error in LEGO Fortnite.

How to Fix the High Complexity Area Error?

This error can happen anytime and seems to be an error on the server’s side. You can try the usual batch of workarounds:

  • Exit LEGO Fortnite – the easiest solution, that some players claim can help. Simply exit LEGO Fortnite, go back to the regular Fortnite lobby, and launch LEGO mode again.
  • Restart Fortnite – if the soft reset did not help, close Fortnite altogether. Give it a few seconds and then launch the game again and see if the problem persists
  • Check your Internet connection – an unstable connection can cause a lot of issues so better check if everything’s alright with it. You can restart your router, just to be sure.
  • Reboot your console or PC – the complete reboot of your platform can solve a lot of issues. Restart your console or PC and launch LEGO Fortnite again, once it boots up.
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What is High Complexity Area Error in Fortnite?

This error can appear all of a sudden, regardless of what is happening in the game. There is no official confirmation of what causes it. But, it sounds like the server has reached some sort of an overload since it is asking you to “remove builds or move away”. 

If the problem persists, you can submit a ticket to notify Epic Games that this error keeps occurring. Alternatively, if you are constantly kicked out of the game, consider starting a new game.

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