Fans Excited Over Hades 2 New Secret Weapon Confirmation

Hades 2 Melinoe in front of a sealed door

Great news for Hades 2 fans! Rumors have been flooding the internet for some time, but no one knew for sure. A secret sixth weapon is in the works, as confirmed by creative director Greg Kasavin and studio director Amir Rao of Supergiant Games.

Players Share Their Wishes For the New Weapon

As it was expected, fans started theorizing the moment they heard the news. GrizzlyT80 excitedly shared why they think the secret weapon might be a Whip. Following the trend of Melione’s “lighter” weapons in Hades 2, compared to Zagreus’ arsenal in Hades, this fan thinks a Whip would be a perfect addition.

They go on to explain: “…and in terms of gameplay, just think about what endless possibilities such a weapon would have: doing super high damage on a specific point, maybe as much as the Zorephet Axe but single-target as for its attack, and can be a rather weak technique but in area, omega actions which allow you to magically extend the whip, or to do it move counter-intuitively, etc”.
Many players seem intrigued by the idea. A Reddit user, bennyboi_7404 expanded on the idea: “Whips would be cool. They could add blades on the end and have an aspect of Kratos”. ADrownOutListener contributed with a funny twist: “Whipping nemesis once her romance is finished would be so damn satisfying”.

Hades 2 Melinoe interacting with the frog
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Should The New Weapon Be an Instrument?

Other players think that the Whip “covers a similar niche to the Staff [the Witch’s Staff]”. _Laharl said: “My bet is on another magical-esque tool similar to the Skull and the Wands to balance out the roster. Three “physical attack” weapons with the Staff/Daggers/Axe and three “magical attack” weapons with the Skull/Wands/X”.

Another interesting angle might be an instrument, as suggested by xaretana. “How about an instrument? A lyre as a weapon? It fits in the magical weapon type, a unique and fitting to the game setting”. Another Redditor, Mech-Waldo, approved the idea. They said: “I like this. We already have a boss that plays instruments. Let Mel [Melinoë] be a bard. There would definitely be an aspect of Scylla”.

The OP, GrizzlyT80, was skeptical of a lyre, saying: “…I don’t feel like they build Melinoë to be an artist, she is deeply spiritual but in a heroic way…”. Luckily, NarwhalJouster came up with one of the funniest ideas. They said: “Oh you misunderstand, she doesn’t play it, she hits people with it”. We are here for it.

Whichever route the developers choose, their dedication and research efforts are obvious. Fans will have to wait for the reveal for a bit longer, but, surely, none of them will be disappointed.


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