Some Fans Were Shocked by Aphrodite’s Hades 2 Makeover

Aphrodite's attack boon in Hades 2

Hades 2 entered early access on May 6. Since then, most of the reviews have been positive. Now, some players are expressing their discontent over the changes in character design. Hades 2 fans are divided over Aphrodite’s makeover. A major controversy surrounds the way she evolved.

Hades 2 Players Either Love the New Aphrodite or They Hate Her

A Reddit user, Aks20301, wondered: ”What the heck did they do to Aphrodite? She looks ridiculous! The original was so hot”. Some players agreed, dirtyclaws32123 said: ”I agree, so much. It’s kind of insane to me that people think this looks better, the original is leagues above and beyond where Hades 2 design is”.

On the other hand, most of the fans rushed to Aphrodite’s defense. StrangeCorvid said: ”Okay, I strongly disagree with your opinion but to more directly answer your question with the fact that Mount Olympus is under siege it seems like Aphrodite has changed her aspect. By which I mean there were cults (basically regional religions, not cults in the modern sense) in Ancient Greece that worshipped Aphrodite in the aspect of Aphrodite Areia, or Warlike Aphrodite, a goddess of both love and battle”.

So, basically, other than just enjoying the aesthetics, if you possess some history knowledge, you’ll enjoy the game even more. Not to shame anyone, thankfully, we all have access to the internet, and you can learn so many cool facts.

Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, welcome screen in Hades 2
by N4G Unlocked

Aphrodite Through History

Most history buffs know that antique religions had a lot of similarities. Aphrodite was preceded by Astarte, who was preceded by Ishtar. In Roman mythology, we can find Venus. In Nordic mythology, she is known as Freya. These are all depictions of a goddess of love and war, although, in Aphrodite’s case, the war part was lost over time. Hades 2 developers, obviously had great fun exploring these myths, as you can find a lot of wonderful details in the game itself. You might even notice some resemblance to Botticelli’s Venus.

A player, called kmasterofdarkness praised: ”Very interesting how Supergiant Games went deep enough into Greek mythology to reference an attribute of Aphrodite that isn’t common knowledge: something about her originally being associated with war as well as love, referencing how she might have been adapted from the Mesopotamian goddess Ishtar”.

Not all developers will put in the effort, go the extra mile, and incorporate the little details. It’s important to give credit where credit is due. And it’s absolutely due here. Fans might like the makeover or they might hate it, but we all admire dedication. We consider this a lovely tribute to Aphrodite.


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