Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to Do the “Strut Your Stuff” Quest

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If you need help with a particular Dreamlight Valley quest, you have come to the right place. Read on to see how to do the Strut Your Stuff quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

DDV has a ton of quests, and you can get even more character-specific ones by getting your hands on Dream Bundles. These Dream Bundles contain new quests and items. One of the quests in those Bundles is the Strut your Stuff quest, and it is today’s topic. 

How to Do the “Strut Your Stuff” Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Strut Your Stuff starts with WALL-E wanting to make a dance party. He asks you to invite some Villagers to it. You agree on Woody and Mirabel for starters. 

Inviting Woody – Start by finding where Woody is. He is either wandering the Valley or in his home. Note that between 2am and 6am he’s asleep and unavailable. When you find him and tell him about the dance, he’ll tell you he has some stuff for Buzz to do first. If you can help him out, he’ll gladly attend the dance. He asks you to break all the Mining Rocks in the Forest of Valor. Remember, you’ll need your Royal Pickaxe for that. Once you break them, talk to Woody and that part is complete.

Inviting Mirabel – Find and talk to Mirabel. She’s either wandering the Valley, in her home, at Chez Remy, or browsing Scrooge’s Store. She needs to finish a secret task before being able to attend WALL-E’s dance. She asks you to bring her the following items:

  • 10 Fabric – You can either make Fabric from Cotton or buy it at Kristoff’s Stall, where it is sometimes available.
  • 5 Emeralds – Mine Emeralds in the Glade of Trust and the Forest of Valor.
  • 12 Sunbird FeathersSunbird Feathers become available only when you begin this quest. They are tricky as they spawn only in the Sunlit Plateau, and only up to four pieces at the time. They respawn in around five or six hours, so it’s gonna take a while to collect all 12 of them.

Once you have all of these items in your possession, talk to Mirabel and you’re done.

When both Woody and Mirabel confirm their attendance, talk to WALL-E and you’ll both agree that you should invite Goofy, to round things up.

Inviting Goofy – Goofy is either wandering the Valley, in his home, eating at Chez Remy, or at Scrooge’s Store. Talk to him to invite him to the dance, and he’ll ask you to bring him some photos of specific things around Dreamlight Valley. He wants pictures of:

  • One other Villager
  • An Animal Companion
  • A Villager’s House
  • A Fruit Tree

Note that all of these can be in the same photo if you somehow manage it. You do not have to make four separate photos if you don’t want to. Bring those photos back to Goofy and finally, everyone is invited.

Get back to WALL-E and he’ll ask you to set up a dancing area in the Forest of Valor. He’ll also surprise you with a new Outfit for the party that you must wear.

To set up a dancing area, find a suitable spot in the Forest of Valor and:

  • Using Paths, make a dancing area of at least 36 squares.
  • Put at least four Lights and six pieces of Traditional Decor.

Once all of this is complete, WALL-E will give you a Phonograph to put in the dancing area. That is the last piece of the puzzle. Once the party is over, the Strut Your Stuff quest is finally complete.

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What is the “Strut Your Stuff” Quest

Strut Your Stuff quest is a part of the Dapper WALL-E Dream Bundle. Dream Bundles are additional content that includes new quests and items. You can purchase Dapper WALL-E Dream Bundle from the in-game Premium Shop, for 4.000 Moonstones. It has four quests and seven items, all of them inspired by WALL-E’s favorite movie – Hello Dolly.

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