Is Disney Dreamlight Valley A Rift in Time DLC Worth it?

Disney Dreamlight Valley splash image for the expansion, featuring a playercharacter, Gaston, EVE and Rapunzel

Disney Dreamlight Valley is officially released, and with it A Rift in Time DLC, let’s see if it is worth purchasing.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life-sim adventure game, set in the magical world of Disney and Pixar. You can hang out with various characters, explore different Realms, fish, cook, or anything. Not to mention a ton of Quests, both story-driven and character-related Friendship Quests. The first expansion, A Rift in Time, brings us even more characters, quests, and a whole new area to explore. Now, let us see what is in the DLC and whether is it worth getting.

Contents of A Rift in Time

A Rift in Time is packed with new content. It seems that Jaffar has been meddling with magic and time travel and causing trouble in Eternity Isle. This is where you come in. Let’s now see what are the contents and new features of this Expansion.

  • A New Story – Discover what happened long before the Forgetting and find treasures lost in time in a new three-part story.
  • New Island – Enter the Eternity Isle, a whole new world which itself has been divided into three new Biomes. Ancient’s Landing is where you begin and it is now a ruined port town. There’s also a desert biome called Glittering Dunes and the Wild Tangle, a lush rainforest.
  • New Items – There are tons of new gems, plants, spices, fruit, vegetables, and fish to discover. Not to mention new recipes and ingredients.
  • New Villagers – A Rift in Time introduces even more Villagers: EVE from WALL-E, Rapunzel from Tangled, Gaston from The Beauty and the Beast, and Jafar from Alladin. You can hang out with them on the Island, or move them back to the original Valley.
  • Play Scramblecoin – A chess-like new board game that you can play with Villagers.
  • New Critters – Each biome has a new critter that you can adopt as an animal companion. Those are Capybaras, Monkeys, and Cobra Snakes.
  • The Royal Hourglass – Use the new Royal Tool, the Hourglass, to find Relics lost in time, build Ancient Machines, and craft new objects in the all-new Time Bending Station. Moreover, bring the Hourglass back with you to the Valley to discover more hidden treasures and secrets.
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Is Disney Dreamlight Valley A Rift in Time Worth It?

A Rift in Time Expansion for DDV costs $29.99 to get. In comparison, the original game stands at $39.99. That makes the price almost as much as the original game, which some fans are not too excited about. On the other hand, it is packed with a lot of new content, as you have seen. Our verdict is, that if you like the base game, you should get this, as it adds so much to your Disney Dreamlight Valley experience. Moreover, if you like what the Expansion offers, but still do not have the base game, you should consider the Disney Dreamlight Valley Gold Edition. For $69.99 you get the base game, the Expansion, a lot of Moonstones, and some exclusive content, such as a Flowery Capybara Animal Companion.

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