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@1:02 So you navigate to the film you want and instead of a simple click or gesture you have to say the whole title

Xbox goto "Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Revenge of the Terror of the Attack of the Evil, Mutant, Hellbound, Flesh-Eating Subhumanoid Zombified Living Dead, Part 3"

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Could he get a nice big fine and arrested for littering?

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New title

"XB1 can not record by itself so the developer has to do it for you"

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The ships in KZ look better than the chariots in Ryse

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I know they change in the video but Greg and Colin missed it.

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Whats with the balloon cables disappearing @1:21

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They missed the Playstation to PSOne and PS2 to PS2 slim

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Remastered PS3 games free with PS+

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FPS's look like the big winner

CoD PS4 298,180
Bf4 PS4 273,766
KSF PS4 250,155

CoD XB1 329,032
Bf4 XB1 153,221

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vorsprung durch technik

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Didn't order, Don't care.

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Never used a walk through.

Played a lot of games if I get stuck I use my brain, its more fun to work things out.

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To be honest I wouldn't go to either unless it was right on my door step

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Stand in a cold warehouse or sit in a comfy apartment.

I'll take comfort plz

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Title for hits

They asked but there is none.

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Yes I know that but if you ever need to replace it what do you do?

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My prediction is if you break your Kinect you will have to buy a new console.

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Get the real news without pointing fingers

Foxconn admits labour violation at China factory

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Its going to get expensive when metered bandwidth comes in and you need to connect just to play SP games.

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Sony deals direct with large companies but smaller shops have a third party that probably get commission on any extra stock they can force onto smaller retailers.

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