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To be honest I wouldn't go to either unless it was right on my door step

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Stand in a cold warehouse or sit in a comfy apartment.

I'll take comfort plz

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Title for hits

They asked but there is none.

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Yes I know that but if you ever need to replace it what do you do?

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My prediction is if you break your Kinect you will have to buy a new console.

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Get the real news without pointing fingers

Foxconn admits labour violation at China factory

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Its going to get expensive when metered bandwidth comes in and you need to connect just to play SP games.

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Sony deals direct with large companies but smaller shops have a third party that probably get commission on any extra stock they can force onto smaller retailers.

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There is no such thing as exclusive TV content just as quick search online proves that.

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Kinect Sports Rivals November or false avertising

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I'm guessing MS has the same or similar policies.

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"With the PS4 and Xbox One launching soon, which service are you going with and why?"

I'm getting XBLG to go with my PS4


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You can still buy a PC without a camera

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Placed mine on the 30th May got my e-mail yesterday.

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"Xbox One can essentially work like TV that watches you, bringing marketers a huge new trove of data about what's going on in living rooms, including, as one marketer put it after the speech, unprecedented information about how people engage with TV advertising."

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One question, whats an xbox dev doing programming on a PS4?

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lmao look how close the shield gets @2:08

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The invisible enemies need work

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They need to be careful of forced bundles Sony may withhold or redistribute PS4 stock as it may violate there TOS.

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simplygames trying damage control,
"It wasn't us, they made us do it"

simplygames is the only one I found not listing PS4 on its own

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