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It's only the 'game preview edition' that is exclusive. MS like to play with words

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never believe user scores they are rife with fanboys.

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You are probably right but I would wager 90% of sales were XB1 owners.
XB owners are happy buying replacement systems without question just look what happened with the 360.

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The difference is PS owners didn't feel the need to upgrade.
XB owners on the other hand have been pining for an upgrade since the OGXB1 was launched.

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To make up the sales of the XB1, last gen they released a faulty console so fans had to buy more than 1 system.
This gen your only a true fan if you buy an X.

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Title should be Forza 6 Vs Forza 6 patched

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I feel sorry for you then if retards can play it but you can't

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Phone prices are hiked to force people into contracts

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Thumper was better

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You could build a better PC and get a verry good quality 4k monotor for less if graphics is all you interested in.

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EA press conference today maybe EA Access

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It would if I threw it at you. :)

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Enhanced just means better than the base model and at $500 it needs to be.

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The trouble with fanboys is the older they get the more vile & pathetic there comments become.
Still can't believe that some close to 40 or older gamer's still upload hate videos to YouTube.

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As soon as you take the xbox 1x out of the box you will have an ex box of an xbox 1x xbox box.

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Why would Sony want players to sign up to XBL so that MS could taget them with XB related emails?

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Console Exclusive = XB1 only
Console launch exclusive = Timed Launch

Why would you add "Launch" if it was just exclusive

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Never been negative about BC just never bought a console to play old games.

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Backwards compatibility is only important to the vocal minority.

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