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I know a few 360 owners who moved to PS4 they got or are getting a PS3 later because of PS+ and they may get a Vita later aswell.

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You can see a USB device too.
Proprietary USB storage?

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Until they sort the price disparity I'm staying physical.

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f2p microtransaction kinect games

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or PC & Mobile

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This could happen if they remove snap

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I have seen PC streams just as bad sometimes worse on twitch

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"In this circumstance, comparing our US number vs. their US number would be like comparing our UK number to their UK number. They don’t have any in the UK yet, so it’s not a fair comparison."

That has got to be the dumbest thing I have heard this launch.

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Her last tweet:
Thank you. I am loving PS4 graphics coding. No more Windows 8 for me. So happy! :)

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I have got a lot of Vita games I added using the store website

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80 * 100 Tokens @ £0.79 = £63.20
or you could buy
5000 Tokens + 3000 free – £64.99

?????? MS maths

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brand new xbox one is faulty
On its side fail

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Microtransactions for a 5hr game?

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@1:57 Discovery channel doing football now

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Achievements for watching PS4 streams.

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If your worried don't buy it at least you have a choice

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There are a lot of last gen games rated higher, like The last of us

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Never sign for damaged packages.
I've always refused delivery of packages that look damaged or tampered with.
Just tell them to return to sender then contact the supplier

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Just think when they advertise the game they will also advertise there website

"10/10 www.theglobeandmail.com " free hits

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