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To boost power would mean disabling kinect on the xb1 owners who bought into there vision. A big FU to there fans

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Amazon UK has XB1 for £379 with kinect and £349 without.
Kinect only worth £30?

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If it were to come to PS4 "IF"
EA clause may have been that MS would need to guarantee either larger install base or a specific number of consoles sold in the first 12 months.
I got it on PC so I don't care

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Maybe they didn't want to be confused with daylight after the poor reviews it received.

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Cloud "maybe" a Trojan horse to bring back there original plan of always connected and it will need drm

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New story based in the same world hopefully

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So gaming websites need a reason to buy an xb1 now?

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last of us

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So its 9 PS4 games in the top 40 compared to only 6 for XB1

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Nice room but like what everyone else is thinking

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I think its great XBL subs pay for the servers for PC gamers.

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Pushing games out doesn't always end well

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Titanfall has the emperor's new clothes effect, its not a polished as reviews make it out to be.

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If Titanfall is successful and MS make the franchise exclusive expect clone versions being developed by other studios and cashing in on the PS4.
Even Sony could develop a similar game at one of its studios
Me I got it on PC.

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So Titanfall needs the cloud except in Australia where they have magic XB1's that can play Titanfall without it.

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Watched the videocast when asked about the cloud compared to normal servers all he said was biggest difference was they did not have to pay for them.
51:30 mark

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After three months do you think MS would have released a version on par with the PS4?
The PS4 version will have undoubtedly been updated since release just no update as yet

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Pixeljunk Shooter meets Limbo

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My old PC runs Titanfall fine but not BF4 or COD:G.
Its a really old engine so I don't no why they can't get it to 1080p

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