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Watched the videocast when asked about the cloud compared to normal servers all he said was biggest difference was they did not have to pay for them.
51:30 mark

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After three months do you think MS would have released a version on par with the PS4?
The PS4 version will have undoubtedly been updated since release just no update as yet

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Pixeljunk Shooter meets Limbo

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My old PC runs Titanfall fine but not BF4 or COD:G.
Its a really old engine so I don't no why they can't get it to 1080p

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I'd rather spend a grand on my PC than £400 on XB1

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digging deep? took me less than a minute I was looking to find why Starburst Fruit Flavored Candy Corn got best candy heres the full list of winners
• Baby Care: Huggies Designer Tubs
• Beverages: SK Energy Shots
• Female Personal Cleansing: Dial Coconut Water
• Breakfast: Weight Watchers Smart Ones Oatmeal
• Candy: Starburst Fruit Flavored Candy Corn
• Better For You Snacks: Skinny Cow Divine Filled Chocolates
• Dishwasher Pacs: Sunlig...

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TNS partners are UNICEF
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation joined UNICEF

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PS4 & PC for Titanfall

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Having the game come out on the 360 is there biggest mistake.
MS gambled to get players to buy an X1 so why upgrade to a X1 when its available on the 360.

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I think MS f-up not canceling the 360 version.
I can't see people upgrading to the XB1 for $500 just for this game when its available on the 360.

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played it, not ground breaking or graphically intensive but it is fun and runs ok on my old PC

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What next, Netflix showing adult films irresponsible?

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Possible acquisitions?
I'll say, Ready at Dawn

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PS+ in a couple of weeks maybe?

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You get a cheap Mic with the PS4 and not forced to connect a camera to use simple voice commands.

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Hope you can choose to use voice commands on PS4 "Hello" "Follow Me" :)

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Microsoft need to be careful on setting the bar to high for this game because "IF" it fails it could be disastrous for there image.

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TLOU setting

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Poor excuses, I have never let public opinion dissuade me from what I want, to do so would be idiotic.

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"Staged leaks" to improve hype

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