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"Confused... Whatd'ya mean there's no light temple in Ocarina of time? But what about the owl???!!!"


A sad result of underfunding and development Hell. #30
You're right. They still believe that raping your consumer is wrong. What the hell are they thinking? /s #15
Because he doesn't have faith in the human ability to learn and build something great. #21
I can't wait to play it.

Also I can't wait to play Lightning Returns when it finally comes out. I really enjoyed it on PS3, and meant to do another playthrough. A PC release is the perfect excuse to get back into it. #5
That would be awesome. #2.3
For now. They may very well come to other platforms. After all, Sony sold their entire stake in Square-Enix a long time ago, since they desperately needed to make their financial results look better. Also Square-Enix holds all of the publishing rights, not Sony. #2.1.2
This is a situation where screens will hardly do a game justice. It'll have to be experienced. #9.6
That's a fair console collection.

For me, I own:
Wii U
DS lite
new 3DS XL
Xbox 360
Gaming PC
And an android device

On topic: when someday I buy a PS4, this is a must own collection for me.

I love gaming~ #8.1.3
I first bought my PS3 in 2009, I wanted to play uncharted and wanted another controller, and I found the game and a controller bundled together at GameStop. I'm so glad that was my first PS3 game. It left a lasting impression on me. #28
Okay mister repeat the same hogwash that keeps getting repeated. #1.6
as a consumer, I do want the best possible experience out of my game; however, I want the best possible experience out of my game for all time. I don't want developers to start depending on cloud computing to run their physics rather than create more efficient ways of developing real-time locally run physics engines. #13.5
Local means, software that is run directly by the hardware that displays it.

As opposed to a function performed over long distances by another computer.

I should of known better than to use technical terms here on n4g which is populated mostly by console gamers.

Depending on cloud computing can actually cause stagnation since hardware developers won't feel pressured to produce local processors that are powerful, cost effective, and small... #13.1.1
This is not the way to go. What happens when then game's physics compute servers are shut down? We should not try going beyond what local technology is capable of doing. #13
Looks like Windows 10. #26
Well it's impossible for them to bleed as much as Sony has been gushing, so I think they'll be all right. #4.1.1
Actually, they /can/ afford another failure. They have crazy amounts of cash. It'd still be stupid for them to screw this up, though. #4
This is so sadly true. #8.1.1
They should stop dubbing games that they know will lose them money. #12
If it had backwards compatibility, I would go out and buy one now. #124
Loved your comment Kingdomcome 247 #1.1.2
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