Confused... Whatd'ya mean there's no light temple in Ocarina of time? But what about the owl???!!!


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Well, it's the least they could do. It's too bad they had to put gaming laptop hardware in their system. Really could've used more beef.

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Wonderful. You're not part of the problem! Keep it up!

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Well, at least for PC gamers, it's because we know when we're being fleeced. We'll wait for a complete edition thank you very much. Not paying $60 for an incomplete game. Apparently PS4 gamers are none the wiser.

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It looks a hell of a lot better than Fallout 3. That said, it's disgusting how " gamers" have become such graphics whores. Gameplay is much more important, and we can always get better texture mods on PC. I'm aware that mods will be usable on console versions, but mods like texture mods won't work on consoles when there is no more potential power.

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Check your facts writer. There was no 1st gen Battlefront game. Battlefront didn't appear until the 6th generation.

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Oh F yes.

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I'm sorry about you're intellectual shortcomings.

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Developers should never release such awful PC ports. The PC version of the game is the version with the longest legs, and will be the way the game is judged as people still play this game 10 years down the line.

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I don't think most of the Sony fanboys read the article. It's only talking about player control and how it should be a larger factor. He also says that he wouldn't be able to make such amazing stories himself, honoring the titles he is also rightfully criticizing.

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I can't wait to see what they do!

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I think people are being waaaaay to harsh on this. Allowing their nostalgia to cloud the truth of how far gameplay wise this game has come over the years. So this game will never be as good as the nostalgia boosted games of yore in their eyes.

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The first console I bought from that generation, followed by the GameCube. What an awesome generation!

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Man this game really makes me want a PS4!

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This one is really underrated. That said, some of the puzzles were more tedious than they were difficult.

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Except Nintendo is still releasing content.

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Such an awesome thing to happen!

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I can't wait. I've enjoyed every Nintendo console immensely, even though I wish they had done things differently with some of them from a hardware point of view. E.g. Cartridges for n64, low capacity disks for GameCube, non had hardware for Wii, and low ram/slightly lower than I hoped for GPU in Wii U. That said, all of these systems I have of course been a happy owner of.

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That kind of ram bottlenecks the CPU. GDDR5 has great bandwidth, but bad latency. They should use DDR4 or HBM.

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Good one!

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They've only not gone bleeding edge with Wii and Wii U. Every other system was a powerhouse of its day.

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