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"Confused... Whatd'ya mean there's no light temple in Ocarina of time? But what about the owl???!!!"


They should make the other versions wait for the Wii U version. #7
I want that racer so bad!!! #3
I wonder if the person who disagreed with me is actually a PC gamer. Because gamewise, the PS4 is a mostly barren wasteland if you can already play most of the big multiplatform games on PC. Wii U on the other hand offers a completely different experience plus more exclusives than you can shake a stick at. #20.1.1
Very cool! Can't wait!!! #3
Wii U is doing pretty decently these days though. Besides, it's actually profitable now. #24
Unless you're a PC gamer. In which case, it's the primary console with PS4 being the second. #20.1
That would be awesome. I have refused to buy the same games twice because this should be a thing. #6
I wanted to hear the man voice come out of her. #26
Of course it's a fact. But really Sony has to make new IPs, because they've never really been very good at maintaining them. This is not a criticism. Just an observation. Personally I think it keeps things interesting. #1.1.9
Reliance on cloud computing is stupid. What happens when the games are old and the system is taken down? #25
Still better to get a PC because it's cheaper in the long run, it will always play older games, and won't cost much to upgrade it to play the "next gen"'s games, and you can use it for a lot more than gaming. Like school work, or digital editing, or any number of ways. Not to mention modding. Don't like the textures in a game? Well, someone has probably made a mod for that. Cheers, and game on! #78
I actually liked ODST. #9
I agree. I too am a PC gamer, and I think that being a PC gamer is the only way to have a clear perspective on consoles and console gamers. I believe that part of the reason why that is, is because we don't really have brand loyalty. Except in the case of the whole Intel,AMD, Nvidia thing, and even then it's not so bad, as a lot of people go different ways.

That said, I'd have to agree with the statement about Nintendo gamers. After all, it's only those who a... #24.1
Seriously. For some of these people, if the game is different in any way from Melee, then it's immediately bad. These people drive me crazy. #1.1
Good! Bioware games can be notoriously buggy or unpolished in some ways. #11
But it's still free to play online on PC and Wii U. And since almost all PS4 games that won't go to the Wii U go to PC, what's the point in buying a console to pay for a service that just let's you play all of the features for a game that you already paid for? #5.2.2
I don't where people get the "broken online" bit from. I never have any trouble when playing Mario Kart, Call of Duty, or Splinter Cell, so I really have no idea where people are getting these ideas from. I remember Super Smash Bros. on the original Wii wasn't great online-wise, but by the time Mario Kart Wii came out, I don't really remember having any problems. Since then I haven't really had any issues. Heck I've even put at least 100 hours into Monster Hunter... #4.2.2
You just contact Nintendo, and you get your games back. Plus $25 in eShop credit for your trouble. I had to go through it twice before. #4.1.1
Still more Wii Us than Xbones... so... yeah. #2
I'd love that! #6
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