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"Confused... Whatd'ya mean there's no light temple in Ocarina of time? But what about the owl???!!!"


Backwards compatibility and lots of power. Throw some HBM in for the ram and allow us to use our old controllers.

Although I don't really think that power is the end all(That's what my PC is for), it is for graphics whores who don't understand how to get into/don't understand PC gaming. #29
Oh man I love this game! I can't wait! I'm still hoping to clear coils, though. I'd love to glamour some armor pieces.

Long live "Heirs of the Sun" of Famfrit! #3
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It is. But you should be worried more about another thing. Is this exclusive to Japan? #2.1.1
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That'd be stupid. They must want the thing to fail. Unless this really isn't a new full console, and really is something different. Maybe it is just the 3DS replacement? Either way, Nintendo would be foolish not to make the thing more powerful than the PS4. The PS4 isn't even very powerful to begin with. #6
Why should they? They're trailblazers, not panderers. #15
Well, I can personally guarantee they'll sell one! As a PC gamer, Nintendo consoles are the only absolutely required consoles. #44
I really hope they include the other games as DLC. #9
I wonder what's going to happen. It;s already an awesome service,m and is truly one of the best things about Wii U, and now 3DS. #1
Good to know! #1
People who claim to be gamers made up their decision long before Nintendo released anything. It's so popular to hate Nintendo and people are so afraid to like things that are unpopular that no matter Nintendo does, people wouldn't have bought one. Good job community. Now grow a pair and unashamedly play some Mario Kart! You'll not regret it. #6
I don't think of it as cashing in. I think they hoped people would see the value, but most "gamers" are so resistant to any change or anything different it never took off. At the end of the day though, the thing was really helpful for playing games. This is only evident if you've chanced to play a 3rd party game on Wii U, only to later go back to playing on a different platform. The lack of a map for games like Assassin's Creed makes one have to constantly check the map;... #7.2.1
I don't think you know what avant-garde means. It means a fresh but sometimes unpopular idea. Microsoft and Sony only built more powerful boxes. Nintendo introduced a new concept. #7.1.1
Ummm.... They're the only ones truly taking risks. They are the only avante guarde hardware developer out there. #7
Good luck. That's Nintendo's territory. Besides, Sony do not even care about the Japanese market. They've fully sold their souls out to the west. #30
Already possible. In fact during the summer sale, you could buy all three for like $12 at 1080p and higher resolution textures, etc. #1.3.1
People keep talking like it's all doom and gloom. As if Nintendo are starting on their next hardware early; however, Nintendo are just following their usual pattern of releasing a new console every 5 or 6 years. #1
Whatever works. I'm sure whatever they make will be awesome! The best console for all PC gamers. #17
Man. Backwards compatibility alone is enough for me to want an Xbone. Once they add a few more titles, I can justify getting rid of my 360 and picking up an upgrade. #13
Umm... 2 years early is still a far cry from 3-6 years early. Have people forgotten how to count? #20
Well, fortunately it'll get fixes over time. #10
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