Confused... Whatd'ya mean there's no light temple in Ocarina of time? But what about the owl???!!!


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Those innovations make the console the ONLY one truly worth buying if you're a PC gamer.

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I've played the demo. This is a pretty fast run.

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I stand by both statements.

The reply was true. However, this is also true. Kojima would never work with Nintendo.

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Actually, Nintendo did say during their treehouse event in 2014 that that might happen.

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Kojima is a Sony fanboy worse than most blind fanboys. He wouldn't work for Nintendo in a million years.

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So what you're saying is... no matter how brilliant of a game he made for a Nintendo console, you would never buy it?

Ladies and gentlemen, this is everything wrong with "gamers" these days. People care more about brands than developers and games.

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Ummm there's no such thing as DDR5 ram.

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No they didn't. They received more support from other publishers. Not from Sony, with the exception of the first Killzone game, I believe. Once new hardware is out, Sony effectively abandons ship; Nintendo too.

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They went too overboard on the effects. It's too bright looking. The textures are great though, and wow GCN and Wii games look awesome on dolphin.

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You mean "delusions of grandeur."

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They should call it, "Tranquil Meadows."

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I can't wait until the PC version . Thank the 12 this is only a PlayStation first title. I immensely enjoyed the game on PC way back when it was released for Windows back in 1998.

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Gameplay is okay. With some frustration caused by inability to perform stealth attacks in some situations.

In terms of story and atmosphere though?

It is truly one of gaming's greatest achievement and Naughty Dog is rightfully commended for their amazing work.

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Said no console gamer ever, since 30fps is the console gaming standard.

Gaming at lower frame rates actually does cause eye stain since your brain has to work harder to interpolate the frame data and interpret movement.

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Ain't that the truth.

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I don't think he's fallen. i think that he just doesn't have the money or the team to make the game he wants.

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I think you just proved the author right.

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PC is getting the Unreal 4 update within the next few weeks, anyway.

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Hopefully they include a power pc chip on board as well for backwards compatibility. I'll be very upset if I can't play my old Wii and Wii U games.

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I can't wait until the unreal 4 update launches for PC~ I think it's coming next week.

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