Confused... Whatd'ya mean there's no light temple in Ocarina of time? But what about the owl???!!!


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60fps should always be the standard. 30 fps can lead to eye strain.

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I think you are the one being defensive about physical problems reaching buttons. I do think tiouch screens add as much as butons, because the layout and information for the buttons is not static. and let it be known, that I am a PC gamer first and foremost. The other consoles offer nothing but gaming laptop hardware and basically the same controller we've been using for 10-15 years. The Wii U is the only console that is offering something new and innovative.

I do think t...

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You mean PS3 and Xbox 360? Also, you realize Nintendo paid for the resurrection, right?

It is sad you sold the console. Any real gamer has a Nintendo console.

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Oh my god! Gasp! You have to move your hand! I can't believe it! How dare they make you move your hand a few centimeters! That said, most of the time it's just being used for maps and quick select. Quick select items are always within thumb reach.

Anyway, the ones disagreeing are further proving my initial argument. Also, people like you made your decision long before actually spending real time with the Wii U. Thank god Nintendo still makes stellar software for the d...

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I'll repeat. "Gimmick is just a dirty word used by people who don't understand the value of something."

Many have not understood the value of the innovations because too many "gamers" damn any kind of innovation or any ideas that break too far from the mold. It's human nature to be ignorant of what one doesn't understand, and to be fearful of change. Sadly, too many are incapable of evolving their sensibilities and understanding beyond thei...

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Ummm.... The online works great, bro. And it's free. As a PC gamer, I can't believe how people are actually letting companies rape them by letting them charge for online. That is quite literally locking game features behind a monthly fee. That's worse then locked out dlc content removed from the original game design. At least with that dlc you pay for it once. Of course you're double raped if you're paying for online multiplayer dlc.

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You say gimmick, I say innovations. All innovations were considered gimmicks at one point. Nintendo's dpad was a gimmick. Shoulder buttons were gimmicks. So was rumble. Heck, even Sega's analog stick was first considered a gimmick. Gimmick is just a dirty word used by people who don't understand the value of something.

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But you can't play any of Nintendo's unique content on any of those devices. For a PC gamer like me, the wii U is the only must own console.

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It always has been. I love my Wii U.

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It's too bad that so many "gamers" were too think in the head to understand that he was trying to make things fresh. Of course a lot of the folks around here want anything but fresh. Just rehash after rehash. And those same people think Nintendo rehashes their properties when every title is actually refreshing and unique. They only seem similar due to similar art styles.

Anyway, I think he was one of a kind, and Nintendo will be worse for is loss. Fortunately,...

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I can't imagine by much, the game has a heck of a time maintaining framerates. Inside of dungeons and raids; however, I imagine it'd be possible.

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Do you have any idea how big the latency is between the vita combo and just the Wii U? You're obviously misinformed. It's not even close to the same, and the not I versions will suffer for it.

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I've been nothing but satisfied with all of their products. Their high end gaming stuff is the best. Maybe their low end stuff is crap; however, their mid and higher end stuff is really great.

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Okay, so, I thought a gamer was one who enjoyed games. Apparently not.

Try harder troll.

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Backwards compatibility and lots of power. Throw some HBM in for the ram and allow us to use our old controllers.

Although I don't really think that power is the end all(That's what my PC is for), it is for graphics whores who don't understand how to get into/don't understand PC gaming.

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Oh man I love this game! I can't wait! I'm still hoping to clear coils, though. I'd love to glamour some armor pieces.

Long live "Heirs of the Sun" of Famfrit!

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It is. But you should be worried more about another thing. Is this exclusive to Japan?

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That'd be stupid. They must want the thing to fail. Unless this really isn't a new full console, and really is something different. Maybe it is just the 3DS replacement? Either way, Nintendo would be foolish not to make the thing more powerful than the PS4. The PS4 isn't even very powerful to begin with.

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Why should they? They're trailblazers, not panderers.

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Well, I can personally guarantee they'll sell one! As a PC gamer, Nintendo consoles are the only absolutely required consoles.

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