Confused... Whatd'ya mean there's no light temple in Ocarina of time? But what about the owl???!!!


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Had a chance to play at San Diego Comic Con. I was expecting to be a little disappointed by the control scheme, but I left pleasantly surprised.

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Soooo...... the PS3 slim... is really the PS3 slim 2?

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The comments in this article really do wonders to prove exactly what this article is about. I wonder.... in real life... what must these fanboys be like?

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I believe I prepared one back in 2006.

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The Donkey Kong reboot of the 90s. Good times. I'll never forget, every day after school, watching the Aladdin tv series, and then playing Donkey Kong Country. It's a shame what Microsoft has done to a once great studio.

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Really? How is Metroid Prime 3 not included on the list??? If they are including 3rd person shooters, it might be stretch, but Uncharted 2 was pretty awesome. And why isn't Dead Space higher on the list?

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1. Order of Ecclesia
2. Dawn of Sorrow
3. Symphony of the Night
4. Aria of Sorrow
5. Portrait of Ruin

For me☆

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I just hope they build the thing somewhere in line with PS3 quality. I love the games available to the system. But geez, how many times have I thought, "Wow, this looks so much better on the dolphin emulator in 1080p!" Also, hoping for continued backwards compatibility, and a way to transfer all of my VC/Wiiware content. Better online a la xbox live style(achievements/no FREAKING friend codes). And, multiplatform development that doesn't mean Wii gets the shaft, and only PS360 g...

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Seems like the Wii is most popular with long time gamers.

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I'm certain it does. The bugs were fixed in a patched version released about 2 months ago. Really hoping for stateside release! Hopefully, Japanese audio is included in the PS3 version!

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I'm also still hoping for a Lunar 2 PSP remake! The first remake is really nice, I liked some of the old cast better.... Nall, why do you sound so annoying now! I miss cute Nall voice. :(

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I own all 3 systems, and I love all of them to be frank. The Wii gets the edge in my opinion, however, because of the virtual console, and the full gamecube backwards compatibility. It's like 6(or more) systems in one!
By the way, I hate fanboy arguments! All 3 of the systems are awesome! I won't say anything bad about any of them regarding games. All of the systems have a stellar lineup! Uncharted/2, Mass Effect/2, Zelda: Twilight Princess, No More Heroes/2, Super Mario Gal...

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I can't believe people are still thinking of ways to avoid buying a Wii. lolz

Gee I can't wait until I get Halo on my Wii! And Uncharted 2 on my Xbox! And Zelda on my PS3!!!

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There is a fan translation out now. So, if you import a copy, and then download the patch, it will work, even on a non modded Wii. I don't know if it is tested on a 4.3 system menu Wii though. But it should work on 4.2 or below. I actually bought my copy when I was in Japan, but I really had to shop around for a good price.

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Super Mario Galaxy 2? Mass Effect 2???? Galaxy 2 is the highest rated game of all time. And Mass Effect 2... well, that's just fraking awesome!

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I imported the game from the U.K. and loved it! Although sound effects needed some serious work, and the graphics could have been a little more polished. The story was totally stereotypical, but was great because of it. If it wasn't, you couldn't buy into the whole earthquake, tsunami, firestorm, hurricane, AND mercenaries with a hijacked nuclear weapon story mish mash that is... Disaster: Day of Crisis. :P

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Metal Gear Solid 4, definitely my favorite! I really loved the ending to Silent Hill: Shattered Memories too!

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I hope it also uses Wii motion plus. Although I loved the first game, and it was surprisingly responsive without it.

Good thing there is no PS2 version, the cross development between PS3/360 is fine. However, cross development between PS2/Wii= epic fail!!!

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Shazaaaam!!!!! Just like Metal Gear Solid 3 subsistence limited edition bonus disc~ Rock on♪

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