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The Red Bull X1 is a beast of a car.

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Nice use of that one bubble!

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The last picture is priceless lol

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Stop spamming the comments on my site and my mail box. You need to let other people have their opinions dude. How can I be insecure and not you when you just wrote that wall of text which indicate you are quite insecure and fragile.

@hitenfart Account made 16mins ago. commnet 15mins ago. Is it fair making another account to prove his own point?

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It is a good point. But Japan is a small market. They could slowly disapeer. Japan is capable of making games that appeal to both like MGS and GT5.

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I think your comment is unfair. From your 2 comments your the one that sounds insecure. Kojima highlights the problem as that japan makes gme just for japan. his words. Mikami says that japan needs to make better games. How I am turning it into a negaive slant is beyond me.

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Black Ops 2 will be different to other COD games. This change is needed.

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It's not even a blog. We're a small website with 4 writers and a guy that contributes stuff on our site that runs his own blog.

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There is no way you can tell from that. But what I can tell from the Batman comparisons it that in some area, Wii U has the edge. But still not that amazing for a next gen console. But Nintendo needs not to hunt for amazing graphics because they want to make a cheap console which is vital for it to do well.

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Gravelord could be right but I don't like Activision because they were the first company to push up the rrp of games to £55. Also they pushed over priced DLC onto gamers and it's seems like there company is purely focused on trying to find ways to squeeze every penny out of gamers.

The Vince and Zampella case theres is a lot we don't know about.

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How many people astually read the article? Judging by the peoples comments, not many.

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next gen consoles will no doubt have phsical media but the on line store will be a lot stronger andwill continue to grow.

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Internet Speeds are improving rapidly. I live in a small town and my internet allows me to dl about 1 gig every 25 mins. Bigger cities are loads faster.

Like stated in our article, the amount of DD version of full games have ramped up loads since 2011. Not saying this alone is enough but publishers are seeing the potential. Now if price become competitive and DD game are sold on multiple online retailers then thsi has evry chance.

Things are changing and the ...

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Please ignore Gravelord. *whispers* I think he's been drinking again.

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I'm not sureb why everybody keeps mentioning motion control. This article shows you how a different type of 3some could be made possible. This 3d can only enhance games and isn't ment to replace the controller but be used alongside

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Kinect can't do hardcore games because of lag and lack of accuracy. Kinect 2.0 will be built in line with the next x box and will be 10 times better. Sony can't stand by and watch and will need to build something that. Doesn't ditch its hardcore base and will run seemlessly with ps4. Something like in this article could be it

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New Arena makes it pretty clear that the are going multi. If they do go to vita that is still multiplatform.

To us, a statement like that can't get any more obvious that there next game will got multiplatform

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There are a few moments like this I agree. but it's the only place where subjective reviews can be collected to make them facts.

Also multiplats scores go in the favor of PS3 so it does even out a little.

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I think that's been done alot. This looks more at the quality of games and the amount of game by year. Maybe exclusives can be a future article from us.

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If there's something you would like to see added then let us know.

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