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That's why it's filed under rumor and in the article it stress' to take it with a pinch of salt.
You need to calm down and take the article for what it is.
If you are going to stand on a soap box and lecture about how the gaming community behaves you should set an example. Otherwise people wont take you seriously and ignore you.

Good Day to you all #11.3
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What MS said is true, you are getting a lot for your money hardware wise but consoles are different to other electronics. They are sold at bare minimum profit or loss and most of the profit is made through software.

What MS fail to see is that the PS4 has the better hardware and sells for less, a lot less. So in a sense its not value because you will always be compared to you competitors, thats the benchmark.

About the features its all subjective so I won&#... #1.8
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@justastranger Nobody knows how the family function works yet and MS are being very cryptic about it so it doesn't look good. If they are so strict on resale of used games and you can only lend you game to a friend once, don't expect to be able to randomly play a game from a friend library and play it whenever you want.

There is something they are hiding about this. If you can have access to a friends library and play it any time you want then that would be a cool fe... #1.1.49
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I think Mr Nuts is also refering to other statements like "The console is worth thousands", The submarine quote and the internet quote wasn't put like that it was more like "We have a device that works offline, its called a 360". That just a snidey remark. #3.1.4
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Microsoft are losing on their own turf by a big margain. What are the margains going to be like in EU and Japan where they are considered Sony's ground?

I think the X1 will still sell and marketing campaigns will push it loads in US. But it hard to see the Xbox One beating the PS4 in any region. Lets not forget the PS4 is $/€100 cheaper. That's huge. #36
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Believe or not but the RRP for most games are £55. The RRP rise was led by Activision before the launch of Modern Warfare 2.

You hardly see a game retail for that though so its probably just a place holder showing the RRP. #1.1.5
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@ Heartnet
Streaming games has one huge benefit, play a demo of a game without a huge download. Play a demo in seconds not hours. #2.2.5
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4K... Yeah but no! #51
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A lot of technical flaws let it down. #1.1
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The Gaikai BC works in a way so you dont have to pay. You put in you PS3 disc, the PS4 can't play it but recognises what game it is and then Gaikai boots up that game for you to play. #1.1.7
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PS3 lost a lot of market share this gen but I find what they sold very impressive. How many companies have released 3 consecutive consoles successfully? None spring to mind. The strengh of the PlayStation brand is very strong when you consider what they were up against. Year late launch, strong demand for Wii, high launch price and a lot of bad press. Not only did they make the PS3 successful, they are releasing the PS4.

Also factor that MS spent a lot more on marketing the 3... #23
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PHIL! You changed man! #28
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emad is right. No official word on GT6 on PS4 so it shouldn't be on there. "In mind" doesn't mean in development. That said they might be keeping it under cover for E3. A PS4 version would be great. #9.2
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Nice choice #1
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A lot of work went into making this article. Nice work. #1
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Try between the cushions #1.2
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That's the smart way and, like you said, the expensive option too. If I can get all 3 plus the Wii U, I would be 1 happy gamer. #1.1
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I think he might mean this one #3.2.2
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Good article, people slating the service should wait until it actuallt releases. MS are working on their own cloud gaming service so there is a future for it because both major console companies are investing in it. Do you think they would be pumping money into it to fail? #1.1.10
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Is that Carlos Tevez and Russel Brand in the picture? #3
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