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I know exactly what you mean thats why all the exclusive are judged a number of catergories so you can see it from all angles.

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Thanx dude. I don't think it'll get approved though because for some reason people are intent on getting this failed

Edit: Tell me about it. It got failed for trolling when this is the least trolling insight on exclusives you can find. Kind of stinks what can be allowed on here.

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US gets most things first because its one big single massive market. Europe is split up into smaller countries and is more harder to get a unified EU release. It makes more buisness sense to release into the biggest market first.

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Overlooked indeed.

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Our pleasure. Glad you enjoyed it! It's a hidden gem many haven't heard of.

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Some nice costumes.

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Lol a little. Our website has been live since Feb 2012 so we have a lot to catch up on.

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That boss was Psycho Mantis. Ground breaking gameplay.

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This first demo is one mans work and now they have 13 people on it so it will be interesting to see the leap.

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@Stan. For somebody who is against speculation, you're doing a lot of speculating yourself.

Anyway on topic. If Nintendo are talking about not being over-powered in terms of sales, then they could be right. Ninty earned it respect last gen by going a completely new direction and it worked. It had to be cheap, fun and user friendly. If they abandoned something that works for them, then it could be a mistake. If Nintendo keep to this rule then they will not be pushing the ...

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More to the point, who is still buying a PS2 these days? It's crazy how long its lasted.

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Ouya looks like an interesting project but at the same time it seems like a step backwards. It's great that small developers can develop games for it but for me as a gamer it should be pushing more boundaries. Next Gen of consoles should be stepping it up a gear. I'd be surprised, with all 3 (Playstation, xbox and wii) competing fiercly, if they don't.

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That it was! Some players have patience and some just don't.

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Like adzine said, it's free on PS Plus (in uk not sure about other places). Deus Ex is also free at the moment which I'm playing right now and that is awesome too.

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You wouldn't be the first to say it.

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So what youre trying to say is that this is a remastered version insteaad of a re-release?

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Im not very musically talented. Unless I'm using music 3000 or mtv music generator 2....2.

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Nice video. A lot of info.

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Pokemon. Thats one craze I didn't get into. Still insanely popular to this day

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