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Even if Cloud Gaming was just used for demos, that is already a massive advantage. Who here is fed up of waiting for 1 to 3 gig of data to download to try out a game?

Cloud Gaming could give it to you instantly.

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We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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@Nathan. A lot of you have some good opinions and I agree with some of your oinions when comparing the Vita directly with Wii U but the article compares the feature Cross-Controller with Wii U. Personally I love the feature but our article explains why it will hardly get used.

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I highly doubt that the Vita will fail anytime soon. Sony are laying down some solid foundations with the Vita like Cross-Gaming and adding it to PS+. It's also easy to develop on and port games to, so little resources are needed to get games on the platform and should encourage developers to keep developing games on it because it's not too risky.

That said, 2012 was a bit of a rough year and Vita failed to reach Sony's expectations. We fully expect th...

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You clearly didn't read the article. It's optimistic.

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Metacritic is an average score from all the critics. It's give a good indication of how the industry has recieved the game.

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Personally I think there will be some unique selling point ans both consoles will take different roads.

Last time around it was primarily about games and a pad. Expect something completely different next gen.

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Just a helpful article for people who are not aware and are not sure how to do it. I even mentioned about Wi-Fi tethering in a previous article before the launch of the Vita. Anyway - Who would like to see a custom background tutorial on GC? ;)

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I would advise a good data plan on you phone. Don't do this if you have no data plan because you could end up with a pricey bill

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To clarify, the article isn't about hardware sales or software because Sony have produced great games. It's more about the cost of hatdware and how the exchange rate hit sonys profits. The super slim in some ways gives them a fresh start with a console that gives them profit and room in the future to price cut when they need.its taken them til now to get themselves into such a great position.

We in no way are talking about the quality of software hence we dont talk ab...

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How did both companies do financially? Sales is a factor but its a little more complex than just sales

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£425 $600 for a console was extremely high. It's fair to say it stumbled out the blocks and the 360 was quickly eating up the market share. Sony would of liked to have had less price cuts but had to have price cuts and lose a lot of money so the PS3 wasn't a complete failure and get left in the Xbox 360s dust.

The average gamer wouldnt pay more than about £300/$400 for a console so it was priced way to high and relied on brand name to sell.


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Sony have just released a re-model of the PS3, lower cost to make, kept the price pretty much the same and left themselves with room for (a) price drop(s).

I think Sony are in the best place they have been for a long time.

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I think inferior multiplats on the PS3 has nothing to do with power but the fact that the PS3's architecture is foreign to the PC's architecture. Porting from the PC's that they develope the game on is a smoother process on the 360 and Wii U because the architecture is more similar to PC. PS3 ports need more time and money that some developers don't want to put in hence why theres some ports that are identical and why some are bad.

Wii U shoul...

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Some good games here. Wii owners should pick up a few of these games

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Will look into it

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Sing-along Ryan. lol :D

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I think your friend should be on x factor with a voice like that lol.

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This is true. I pay for PS plus because the games are worth it. Playing Infamous 1 + 2, Darksiders, Saints Row, Just Cause, Deuse Ex, Warhammer and a few more plus I get PS1 classics and minis and entry to closed betas and still get discounts off of selected games.

This service is optional and if you do quit the service then you are more than likely going to be done with the games. If not then the £5 a month you pay is still worth it to play those games for a month and ...

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I thought this was confirmed a long time ago. MotorStorm RC already had it and they also said back then that more title in the future will support it.

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