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It's crazy that things got that far. Sure he's an idiot, but no one deserves that.

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You do realize you have posted a link to that story three times now.... I think you've made your point many times over.

However, It's still very flattering that this story has annoyed you enough to write a few mini-essays on it. I bet that was you that contacted me on Twitter as well?

Perhaps if you actually read both stories you'd understand how I feel about buying a PlayStation 3. I'm a student, and I run GameJudgment simply because I...

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To this day, I've never completed the original Super Mario Bros.

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@rezzah That is exactly what I am saying in this story! Perhaps I should have got you to write it for me haha.

@Omegasyde It's hilarious that you've actually gone through a story from a year ago and examined my comments....

In this story I even admit that there are other titles that have caught my attention on the console... You might not agree with my reasons but that doesn't make them invalid.

Investing in a new console is a hu...

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How does liking Halo and enjoying Mario Kart make me a tool? Seriously, I'd really like to know.

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I seriously don't remember when games did this. Nick makes some really valid points, do we really need our games to spell everything out for us?

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The whole memory card fiasco has totally made me not want one, at least not at launch.

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I tend to agree

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That's hilarious!

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drizzy drake

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I just wish they put more work into, riding horses is supposed to fun!

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I've never actually owned a game genie. I had a game shark way back when for the N64. It was actually pretty fun.

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I don't really see why it's an issue, I'm creating discussion and throwing some thoughts out there...

Where as your post was completely off topic and not related to the topic of the story at all.

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I guess what I'm discussing isn't really cheating in the traditional sense, just optional ways to make a video game more accessible and fun.

I know a lot of people are going to disagree with this story though. I get that a lot of games still need to appeal to the hardcore crowd. That's why I feel these 'cheat's should be optional.

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Good old Minecraft, now that the game is finally our I'm thinking of actually picking it up.

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I honestly really like the game, It's just kind of short.

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So far I'm enjoying the game, I agree with Christopher though. It is really starting to show its age.

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People that don't use headsets when they game online make me want to rage out.

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It's stuff like this that makes Skyrim so so special. the game is a totally different experience for every single person that plays it.

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